Greyhounds Needing a Home

Here is our current list of greyhounds needing a home. Choosing the right dog for you is important and we will do our utmost to ensure you are both suited.

Our adoption fee is a minimum of £150.00 – each home is checked – all dogs are neutered unless they are too young.

Note: NGR is generally against rehoming a greyhound in a home with children under the age of 5years old. 

This is because there is a re-adjustment process for any rescue dog as he/she gets used to home life; small children will not understand this.  For the safety of the child and the hound, it may be better to wait until children have enough maturity to comprehend a hound’s need for a gentle introduction to a home.


A fine young lad, he is a beagle X terrier. He is 3.5 years old.  Swanny has spent his whole life in servitude.  Poor Swanny has been used every day for hunting. However, he had decided that this kind of life is not for him. So his owner no longer wants him, and has decided to surrender him to a rescue. 

He has spent most of his life in a kennel & run., he will need time to adjust to living indoors.  Swanny is not cat friendly., nor could he live with chickens or rabbits.  He would be fine around medium sized dogs, but care would need to be taken where miniature/toy dogs were running lose on the parks etc., 

Swanny is vaccinated, and neutered. He has his passport ready and waiting along with his little suit case packed and looking for a home offer in the UK

contacting us on the NGR Page or completing our adoption form on a computer not iPad or iPhone.


Vinney ( reserved )

Another stunning boy, his name is Vinney and he is approx 2 years old and tiny, just 22″ tts . He is fine with other dogs, and he has been good with the children in the foster home he was in.   He is back in kennels while the lady is away on holiday.  He is a charming lad, with a lovely nature to him.


Little girl Honey, is a stunner.  She is a small lurcher girl at only 25″tts., a beautiful orange brindle coat.  Great with other dogs, small and big alike.

Still in Ireland, and ready to travel is a home offer come’s along. Honey is approx 1.5 years old.

If you would like this lovely girl as part of your family, If you would like Honey in your life then please get in touch

Fez – stunner !!

Fez lurcher male 8 years approx
Fez is a sweet older boy, he loves getting a good ear scratch or belly rubs in bed. He is currently in kennels in Ireland and he mostly chills out in bed but he does love his walks and easily keeps up with his younger kennel mate.

He is great with female dogs and ok with some males.

Fez is a very easy going boy who would love having a warm and comfy bed to call his own. 

Help us find Fez his forever home. He deserves all the happiness 💖💖



This pretty one year Blondie, as you can see from the pictures, she is quite shy. Blondie has just come in to the care of Wicklow rescue in Ireland. She is a quiet, friendly girl.   Good with other dogs, and loves to play.
She would be better with older children at this stage, as she is on the nervous side.    We will update her profile, when her personality starts to come through.


This baby girl is Storm, a gentle girl and in foster care in Ireland. She is a medium sized lurcher lady, a beautiful cream and fawn colour.  Found as a stray, and under weight.  A pretty girl, clean indoors, good with children. But, would need to be an only dog, as does show some food aggression.

This beautiful girl will be ready to travel over to the UK in June, she will be neutered & vaccinated. 



Minnie Mouse

Meet Minnie, born in March 2014……a beautiful, confident girl.  Minnie has a really fab face, as she has a on over shot jaw.  Minnie has met small dogs, and was happy to say hello…….!   Minnie is not a big girl at 26″ tts, she is happy and loves people. Travels well, and loves to plod about in the garden, and shade herself under the tree’s.    



Meet the petit girl Demi., a pretty white and black girl or a cow dog as we like to say ! Born in Sept 2015, she is a small one at only 25″tts.  Demi is in foster and is house clean, a quiet girl, who’s only aim is to please.

This little poppet has been good around all breeds of dogs, so far. Demi loves to go for a stroll and is good on the lead. She also travels well too.


Sansa ( reserved )

This stunning girl is Sansa ( off Game of Thrones ) she is approx one year old and is currently in foster in Ireland with her sister who is also looking for a forever home ( Arya ) Well behaved and clean indoors, Sansa is quite food orientated and as such will be easy to teach., and work on recall.    

Foster mum is happy to let either of the girls off lead, but this would need to be done slowly and only after a bond has been built up with Sansa.  Home checks and adoption fee’s apply.  Being a young lurcher girl, its better that Sansa goes to a home where someone is around most of the time.  A bored dog can be a destructive one !    She is great with other dogs, lead training may need some work with a harness.

Fionn ( reserved )

Meet this stunning merle boy named Fionn. An unusual colouring. He is 18months old and great with other dogs. He is a typical collie/lurcher energetic lad.  A gentle giant. A friendly happy chap, currently in kennels with Paws in Ireland. 


He is a chilled lad who would make a fabulous companion. He is not cat friendly.



Poppy ( reserved )

Meet Poppy, she is a really lovely girl. A retriever x red setter. Her age is 6yo and Poppy is currently in foster in Norwich. Poppy would be better as an only dog or with a male companion.  Poppy likes her own space when out walking, and doesn’t like dogs charging up to her off lead, she finds this upsetting.

Poppy is clean indoors, loves a good walk, but happy to potter in the garden too. Poppy adores humans, and would love a home with someone at home most of the time. She is perfect on the lead.  Poppy is a darling of a girl, her previous owners sadly couldn’t not keep Poppy in Ireland and we promised to find her the perfect home here.


Meet pretty girl Pippin, she is in Ireland with her currently racing owner. She is a fairly small lady at 26″ tts.  Pippin has only ever been around greyhounds, and she loves them.  Not cat friendly & aged 2.5 years old.

Introductions to other breeds would need to be done carefully, and sensibly.   Pippin is the cutest and most pretty girl ever.  She is really looking forward to moving out of kennel life and find her very own soft, warm sofa.

 Belle ( reserved )

NGR welcomes:  gentle black girl lBelle  ( in foster in Norwich )

Belle is 7 years old, a lovely lady, enjoying a new world that she has never seen before. Gentle, quiet and little timid, but a happy girl.  Belle only arrived this week, and was a little traumatised by her long journey from Ireland to the UK. where she would stand no chance of ever finding a home in Ireland.  Good with all sized dogs so far,  and so far has been clean in the house.

It’s early days, and we will update Belle’s profile, once we know a bit more about her.

Belle is not cat friendly, and has not been around children.  Any introductions would need to be done carefully and with a muzzle. However, this should be a standard procedure with any new dog.

Currently in Ireland, and looking for her forever home.


Home check and adoption fee apply


Meet Bailey. Bailey is our special lad who has been looking for a home for over a year , he needs calm and understanding humans and no children. He is about 4 years old and was very scared. He has not had the best start in life and needs gentle encouragement at all times. There are certain breeds of dogs that Bailey is scared of and he will react by barking at them. Bailey will also chase cats.

Bailey reacts well to positive dog training and has changed so much over the last year whilst in our care. Bailey needs time to trust and love and he is now used to the kennel staff where he is staying but we would love to move him into a foster/adopted home where he can get used to the good life and blossom. When he trusts you he is such an affectionate boy who loves his cuddles and his ear rubs. He walks like a dream on his lead and loves being out and about with you.

Bailey is out with us every day and loves to run with the pups, he finds other males quite dominant, so he may be suited to a home as an only dog or with a female. We would love to see this boy in a loving home <3 So if you think you would like this beautiful boy in your life to give him a chance then please spread his story far and wide and get in contact with us



Have you ever seen such a pretty girl ?  this is Socks, mum to Frankie the puppy on our books. She was a racing girl, who has now come to the end of her life on the track, and as such no long wanted by her racing owner.
So this is where the rescue’s come in.  Socks is age 5, and currently in Ireland. Once we’ve had a home offer, NGR can bring her to the UK.
A happy, friendly girl.  Confident and full of life !
She is not cat friendly, but is fine with other dogs that she has met.  Currently in Ireland, looking for a forever home in the UK

If you would like this little girl in your life then please get in touch with us here. Or call 07470 931 758


This is another black and white unwanted, non racing greyhound lad.  He is unregistered and un-tattooed.  Sadly Yogi has not had the best start, Earlier this year, he was dropped whilst being moved to another enclosure.  He broke his leg, instantly, he is not going to race, and therefore, surplus to requirement.

He can be a little wary of people to start with, but loves his ears to be rubbed. He is a lovely boy, looking for a way out of his current situation. A forever home, with all the comforts that come with it, and lots of TLC and love, will bring this amazing, lovely boy out of his shell.  Could you give Yogi a forever home ?

Yogi is just under 2 years old., a quiet home, with no small children would suit him better.



Bolt is a 4year old lurcher boy. A handsome, all round happy lad. He has been exposed to all types of dogs, and he is fab with them all !

Bolt is a smaller lad, as you can see from the pic’s, he is approx knee height., he would make an easy first dog for anyone looking for their very first hound. He is a confident boy, but not a jumpy up kind of lad. A wagging tail and a very pleased to see you kinda boy !  ….so don’t wait, call us today 07470 931 758 

Vaccinated and ready to go. Home checks, & adoption fee’s apply.



Meet brindle boy Sox, a really lovely boy, approx 1yo.  He is fine with other dogs, and friendly. Sox is currently in Kennels, and will update his profile when he goes into a foster home in Ireland.  If you would like more information. Please do contact us 07470 931 758

Sal – coming to the UK soon

Meet Sal.,  she is a small girl at only 26″ tts. Sal was born in 2010, at the age of 8years old, this lovely lady is looking for a well deserved forever home. Sal has no racing injuries, ad is currently sharing her kennel with an elderly old whippet girl.

Sal travels well, and loves other dogs. She is a happy friendly girl, with a waggy welcoming tail. Sal is great around kids, and is in a very good condition for her age.  Sal would make a fab first time companion. 



A lovely black girl ( smaller ) at only 26″ tts, she has a lovely white tuxedo. She has come straight from kennels and loves to play. Esme adores human company.

Esme, has been around smaller dogs, and has been fine. So, introductions should be done carefully. She is fine with larger dogs.  Esme currently has a kennel coat, but once this has gone, Esme will be stunning, with a gleaming black coat.

 If you would like Esme in your life then please get in touch…he will be waiting


Willow is a beautiful cream lurcher girl. She is approx 4/5 years old. A sweet girl, who plays well with other dogs. Currently in kennels in Ireland ( Paws Animal Rescue )  with a male and female companion.   Willow loves to play and do zoomie’s in the paddock.   She arrived in Sept 2017, and will be ready to travel in June 18.

She loves walk’s, but can be a little bit strong on the lead. A harness will help to sort this.

  Please consider this lovely girl.

meet the beautiful little pure bed greyhound Jewell., she is currently 12 weeks old and is already a waste product of the racing industry.  Her mum laid on her leg not long after she was born, and so deemed no good for racing.   The leg has been x-rayed, and the leg is fine, with no ongoing problems.

Currently in Ireland Jewell can travel once she is 12 weeks old. Please factor into your adoption the cost of neutering.  Jewell will be vaccinated and with a passport.  

Please do not apply if you work full time.

If you would love this puppy greyhound in your family then please get in touch.

Chance ( reserved )

My story………….my name is Chance, I am 7 months old.  I have just been rescued.

My short life has been a painful one. Nobody  has ever loved me, or been kind, treated my wounds, and cared for me. I’ve cold and hungry for so very long my bones ache.  If you’re wondering why i have no hair, its because i have severe mange.   My skin is brittle and sore, but that is being treated now, and I’m not in so much pain.  I’ve something you humans call ‘PJ’s to keep me warm at night time. 

When my rescuers saved me, they had to get me out over a high wall, and unfortunately my leg was broken.  It was an accident, and it does hurt, but Im being well cared for now and everyone seems to love me.  

Im a bit shy, humans haven’t been so nice to me, so I would like to get to know you, before I can really trust you.      When I’m ready and a lot better, I will need a new home.   I would really want someone who will love me no matter what, and care for me. I can love you back, truly I can…….I would just need some time.


Arya is a pretty one year old lurcher girl ( Sansa her sister also looking for a new home ) who is currently in Ireland in a foster home. She has settled in really well. and goes off lead every day with her foster mum.   She is a sociable little lady, house clean, and good with other dogs.    

Like her sister, its hard to home dogs in Ireland, as there are so many stray dogs., her only chance of a good new forever home is to come to the UK. Are you that special person who could fall in love with this girl ?


Jill is a very happy girl, she and her brother were surrendered to Paws in Ireland, as they were deemed no good for the track.  Her birthday is 06.09.15, a sweet, petit girl.  Walk lovely the lead, she is fine with all dogs large or small, male or female.

A home with another dog for company would be great for Jill, and a forever home in a quiet location would be even better !



This is four years old Katie, coming to NGR once her season has finished, and she has been neutered.  Katie is a well put together girl, she was bred for coursing. But, lost interest in the chase, and so here she is looking for a new home.

Katie would much rather play, and frolic in the garden that chase things.  She loves people, gives kisses, and just adores to be fussed.  Katie settles down quickly and loves to travel in the car.   Katie is 28″tts.  She has met other dogs at the kennel facility what she is being house in, and takes little notice.   An all round nice girl, looking to have a home to call her own.



This petit little lurcher girl is Zena. She was recently rescued from the pound where she was scheduled to be put to sleep.  We think she is the sister to Danni     ( thrown from a car in Ireland, whom we recently homed in the UK ) Zena is a fab girl., not very big. Crate trained, fab with other dogs. Currently in a foster home in Ireland. Zena loves walks, is fine on the lead, great with other dogs. 

Neutered, microchipped & ready to travel to the UK.   Zena is a puppy, and is full of play and energy. She will need a home with a big garden, and a family who love long walks.


Meet Dawson, this little beauty is a 4month old Saluki X puppy.  Recently rescued from the pound, where he was scheduled to be PTS.   He is crate trained. Dawson is in a foster home in Ireland, where progress is being made with toilet and lead training.

Dawson is microchipped and ready to travel to the UK.  He is cat trainable.  He will need a family where someone is home a lot., pup’s cannot be left for long periods of time. They need routine and guidance.

Dawson is not neutered., NGR ask for the sum of £100 ( refundable ) upon neutering being undertaken with your vet.

 If you wish to know more about Dawson, please get in  touch by either calling us on 07470 931 758 

Home checks and adoption fees apply ( neutering will be part of the adoption process )


This stunner is a pure greyhound.  Her name is Rose, she is 6 years old., and has not had the best of lives so far, as she is an ex-racer.  Rose is looking for a comfy sofa to call her very own, an easy life to relax and be loved.

She is small dog friendly, currently in a foster home in Ireland. She can be left for a few hours at a time. 

enquiry/adoption form or call us on 07470 931 758


Max is a cute little lad with sad eye’s. One day a few months back, he just appeared in his foster homes kitchen. He just wandered in and laid down.  The owner contacted Haven Rescue, and asked for help to home Max, as the lady could not keep him.   We think Max is a Springer X Collie., so playful, and full of energy.

He is a young lad approx 18 months old, so will need plenty of exercise and a family that will keep him busy.   

Max is currently with Haven Rescue in Ireland. She would travel to the UK when a home offer becomes available.


Sonic ( reserved )

As you can see from the photo’s Sonic is just super !  A well built lad just over a year old. Again, an unwanted coursing dog.  He is 27″ tts,   He is just the goofiest dog every, he loves to play and do zoomies in the paddock.

He would love an active family, with lots of walk and garden to play in. A buddy greyhound would be fab !

If you can offer Sonic a loving home then please get in touch……..07470 931 758


Meet Saluki girl Millie.   Age approx 1/2 years old. A very friendly girl, who just loves to play. She is excellent with other dogs.  She is currently in Ireland in the care of Paws Animal Rescue.  She shares her kennel with both male & female dogs.    Saluki’s are intelligent, busy dogs. They need exercise and love to be busy. They make greta agility dogs.    Millie, isn’t the kind of dog to go to a home, where she will be left alone all day.  

 She loves to be washed and think you could offer Millie a new forever home, please do contact us Norfolk Greyhound Rescue:



Tinkerbell is a typical Irish story.  Poor 4 year old Papillion X was a brood bitch at a puppy mill., she has had a rubbish life.  A cold life and one in an outdoor facility with no light, and pups sold and gone in the blink of an eye.   This is the life of a breeding girl. Please think before buying a puppy.   NGR always have unwanted pup’s to home.  But, for now, this little baby needs a fresh new start.  Could you offer this baby a new forever home ?



Merlin – SPONSOR DOG – donate through our website.

Could you donated £2.00 each month to help care for Merlin ?  do let us know and we can give you our bank details or please donate on our website donate button !

Merlin  – if you would like to make a monthly donation to help with Merlins care, please visit our donate button on our website.

You will remember Merlin when he came to us a few months ago. He had serious damage from an road traffic accident.

He had a few underlying health issues which have now been sorted. Left at the side of the road after being hit by a car, Merlin sustained a broken pelvis and a horrific wound stretching across his side. Now, after almost three months he has been given a new lease of life.

At approximately ten years of age and a little deaf, he’s an easy going, cheerful chappie with very simple needs. He likes short walks, where he can follow his nose, or just mooch around the garden. His favourite pastimes are being stroked, sleeping next to you and treat time!


Mickie ( reserved )

This is a Mickie lurcher boy, pretty and small. He is approx 3 years old. A really friendly lad.   Currently in foster in Ireland. Gets on well with other dogs, and doing well in a home environment. 

He is living with children, and house trained.

He is a really lovely, friendly lad, looking for his chance to find his forever family !

Frieda ( Adopted )

Everyone we would like to introduce, this smaller sized ( approx 22″ tts ) lurcher girl, and unusual chocolate brown and white girl. Very sweet & submissive. Approximately 1 year old, and good with other dogs.  A friendly ex-travellers girlie.  Very deserving of a chance at a new home.  Once we get some better photo’s she will be snapped up !



How could you resist ??  just look at this little brindle face. This girl is Janie. She is in the UK and being fostered in a home in Norwich.  She is doing great.  Janie came from a terribly over crowded kennels in Ireland. Any space or food Janie has had, she has struggled to get and keep.   Janie is fine with other dogs on her own terms.   She will back off with fear if she is on the lead, and does not like dogs coming after her who are off lead.  She is in no way aggressive, just scared.

We would prefer Janie to go to a home where she is the only dog., its better that she doesn’t have to worry about another dog taking her bed or her food…… She is a beautiful, loving happy girl.  She can be left, and is pleased to see you on your return. 

Janie is 5 years old, and approx 27″ tts.


Jupiter is a smaller lurcher girl, aged approx 2yrs
This gorgeous girl is a total sweet heart.

She loves everyone she meets. She is excellent with other dogs big and small. Jupiter is full of fun and loves to play with other dogs. She is ok on the lead but does pull a bit at first., but settles down once she gets going.  Jupiter is a fab girl, with the usual bouncy tendency of a young dog. A home where someone was available to give this stunner plenty of runs would be great !


Meet pretty bearded lurcher girl Penny.   Penny was ill, she had been in the vets with her two pups, who were suffering from Parvo.  Thankfully, she has completely recovered and is now looking for her forever home.  Currently in Ireland, in the care of Paws Animal Rescue.  

Penny was very nervous when she first arrived, but she has really started to come out of herself, and gain some confidence.  Penny would be better with another dog, that was confident and could teach beautiful Penny, that humans can be kind.  All Penny wants is to be loved.   Given time, she will grow into a wonderful companion.,  A calm home, with someone who will love her and give her the time she needs to the playful fun loving dog she should be!

Marks ( Adopted )

This pretty little puppy is called Marks. He is approx 10months old. He is a very petit lad at only 17″ tts.  A dainty, pretty and very friendly little chap. He isn’t doing well in the kennels, he really needs to get a home where someone will love him and give him the life he needs. 

Marks is not yet neutered, so please factor this into your adoption cost.  He will need a home where someone is home most of the time. Puppies are wonderful, but do need to be given guidance and exercise.  Puppies can’t be left for long periods to start with, a bored dog can be destructive. So, keeping a pup busy is keeping a puppy happy.!  Home checks, and adoption fee’s apply.


Meet Lee, a very handsome lurcher boy. Sadly he has been in kennels since Jan, when he was found as a stray dog in Ireland. He is a happy boy, and all the kennel staff love him. They can’t understand why he is still waiting!       He loves other dogs, he is playful and loves a ball.   Lee is clean in his kennels.

He is a smaller lurcher at only 26″ tts., he has not been tested with smaller dogs yet, as he is housed in a greyhound rescue, and they don’t have any small dogs available.  But, once he comes to the UK we can test him.


Another stunning girl names Freckles. A beauty with black spots and white coat, fine with other dogs, but not cat friendly. She is a good girl on the lead. Freckles does go off lead, and is house clean.  She is currently in foster in Ireland, but once a foster place or home offer becomes available, Freckles will be transported to the UK.


Stunning !?  meet Joey, a sturdy, and handsome greyhound boy. Aged 2.5years old.  He is not cat friendly, but is fine with other greyhounds and medium sized dogs.  We would always advise, new canine introductions be done carefully using a muzzle. 

Joey, has an amazing playful character.  He loves ear rubs and any attention he can get., some would say he is a little bit of a flirt !  Joey is only 28″ tts but he is a well build lad.

Still in Ireland with his trainer/owner. Looking for a chance at a life in the really world folks.

If you feel you can give this loving boy a home then please get in touch:


Fern is a Small black female greyhound looking for her forever home. Fern was born in March 2016. Fern is sweet natured and very affectionate. She loves her walks and is used to traveling in vehicles. Fern has only been around greyhounds so far but will be tested with small breeds.


Lucky Boy ( adopted  )

Handsome and playful, this puppy was very lucky, he was found as a stray, full of flea’s and very underweight.   He is now only 12 weeks old.   He loves company of other dogs. We think he is a lurcher Saluki or maybe Saluki X collie dog.    Lucky is not neutered, so his new owners will have to factor this into the adoption, as it will be a future costing. 

He loves other dogs, he loves kids, and would be very cat trainable.  We would not home Lucky Boy to a full time working house hold.  He needs company, and stimulation, a bored puppy can be destructive.  Puppy classes would be beneficial, as would meeting and socialising with other dogs.    Puppies are great, but they do get bigger, please do some research to see what kind of nature, and exercise these dogs  ( collies & saluki ) require.

Apply below, home check and adoption fees apply:



Just look how happy this baby is !   this brindle girl is Misty, currently with Paws Animal rescue in Ireland.  A super girl, surrender with 3 of her siblings, as their racing owner did not want them for racing.  She is a smaller bridle girl, staining only 25″ tts.  A happy girl, who loves life, fine with other dogs.  Her d.o.b is 04.11.16.   a fun girl, full of life and happiness !

Black Belle

This beautiful black girl is Belle. She is 3.3years old.  Living in Ireland in a home, sadly here owners can no longer keep her. She is living ( as you can see ) with a JRT, is house clean, a bundle of joy.  A ready made, easy companion.  Belle would make the ideal first time owners dog.


Minni is a small greyhound. She was born in July 2014, she is currently with her owner in Ireland.  Sadly, her owner who is elderly cannot care for her any longer, so NGR are looking to re home Minni in the UK.

Minni has been kept as a pet, so she is indoors ( and clean ) in the house all day along with 6 other greyhounds, but kennelled at night time. She walks fine on the lead, and is the sweetest girl. Minnie is very affectionate.    We are not sure if Minni has had any introductions to small dogs, but once we are in a position to find this out, we will update her profile.

Minni is fully vaccinated and neutered and is ready to travel so please get in touch if you can offer him a loving home:

Cheeky ( Adopted )

Ariel is a wonderful old girl, she has a little bit of a sad tale……she was adopted recently in Ireland.  Aged 10 years old, her new owner thought, that Cheeky would be a quiet girl, who would want the odd walk.  But, Cheeky is just like her name…… cheeky !! she is a young at heart girl, with energy of a four year old greyhound.  Playful, happy, friendly and full of life. Could you offer this golden oldie, with plenty of life left in her yet ??  Currently in Ireland., but ready to come to the UK, when a home offer comes along.



Reba, another little black/white greyhound. Born Sept 2014, racing didn’t take her fancy any longer, and so now she is looking for her very own sofa and family.  Small at 26″ tts. She is a playful, happy girl.  Full life and looking forward to life outside kennels.  Reba has a stunning black and white coat, a saggy tail and aims to please. 


Meet the handsome Buzby, a fawn boy with white flecks in his coat.  He broke his leg when racing, it has fully healed, and now he is available to re-home, and find a new life outside kennels.  A boy who loves humans, and gives kisses.  A waggy tail, always pleased to see you.

if you would like to adopt BUZBY then please get in touch by either contacting us on the NGR FB Page or completing our adoption form.


Black Jack

Seeing as it’s Black Friday week say hello to our very own black Jack. He is a friendly 4 year old boy who is now looking for his forever home.

Currently with his racing owner Jack also spends his time having fun with the resident Springer Spaniels, although he has yet to meet other breeds of dog. He hasn’t been around children, but is in good condition and has no previous injuries. We are hoping to get more photos soon. If you would like to adopt Jack then please get in touch by either contacting us on the website by completing our adoption / enquiry form :


This beautiful lab X lurcher girl is a great dog., with some initial training she will be a wonderful companion.  Age approx 10/11months old, she is still a puppy. Mia is not a big girl, but she is sturdy and full of play and bounce. A home with older children would suit her better, as she knock toddlers over.  

She will need some lead training, until she went to her foster home, Mia never wore a collar, and had never been on lead. A harness will help with training.       Mia needs a home with someone about a lot. Pup’s can get bored when left for long periods. They can get destructive when they are bored.   Good walks and lots of stimulation is the key to a lab X pup !

Meg ( reserved )

This little stunner is Meg., she is a small scruffy lurcher girl.  NGR recently took her in as an unwanted pet.  She is being neutered next week, and will be ready to go to a new home in three weeks time.  She is a great girl, very good with all dogs. She was living with children.  Approx 2yo.  She has lived with a cat in her last home, but any introductions would in a new home would need to be done very carefully.


Henry is a handsome black boy, at only 4 years old, an unwanted product of the racing industry !  He is a lovely boy, and such a character.   Henry hasn’t raced since Sept 2016.  He travels  well., and did great at a recent health check at the local vets in Ireland.

He is a good sized boy at 28″ tts.  Henry would love tone given the chance to prove how loving, affectionate and gentle greyhounds are.  Could you offer Henry a new forever home ?    Currently in Ireland with his racing owner.


Two babies in need of a home together. Meet Sadie & Basil   ( Adopted )

Its not very often we look for a home for two dogs together. But, these two beautiful hounds are the very best of buddies.  They sleep together & play together !  Basil ( the white one ) would be lost without Sadie, the dark brindle lurcher girl.

Basil is approx 5 years old, and was found dumped in a wet ditch in the winter, cold, and super scared.  He was very frightened. Basil was taken to the pound. He didn’t do well. He was taken out of the pound, by a kind lady who offered him a foster space.  That lady is now asking us to find homes for both these amazing dogs.  Sadie is approx 6/8months old. 

They love each other dearly.  If a home cannot be found for them together, then we will have to split them.  They are not cat friendly.  They are both good with other dogs. They do go off lead, but this could not be done until complete trust and a bond was built with a new owner.   They are in foster in Ireland, and we will bring them over, once we have a home  offer.

Ozzy ( adopted )

Meet Ozzy., ( approx 2 yo ) A very small whippet X lad.
This dainty little chap is looking for his forever home. Currently in foster in the UK,  having arrived a week ago.

He is doing really well, walks fab on the lead, really loves other dogs and would love another dog as a play mate in his new home.

He is a typical whippet X. He is 14kg, and as you can see he is a very handsome lad.
He is in a private kennel facility and and is a well behaved young man.

Minnie – cat friendly ( reserved )

Meet Minnie, she is a beautiful little girl and another unwanted bought and paid for pet. Minnie is approx 8/9 months old. She is living with kids, cats, and dogs.  She is tiny at only 7″ tall.   She is great with the cats, but will chase them to play with them. So, in charge, but friendly cats,  who are confident and can stand up for themselves only please.

Minnie is a little bit of an escape artist, if there is a gap in the garden fence, she will find it. So again, a 100% secure garden.  Minnie is crate trained, and her indoor toilet training is ongoing.  Minnie is in Ireland, but is vaccinated, and passport.  She is ready to travel once a home offer comes along in the UK.