Greyhounds Needing a Home

Here is our current list of greyhounds needing a home. Choosing the right dog for you is important and we will do our utmost to ensure you are both suited.

Note: NGR is generally against rehoming a greyhound in a home with children under the age of 5.  This is because there is a re-adjustment process for any rescue dog as he/she gets used to home life, and small children will not understand this.  For the safety of the child and the hound, it may be better to wait until children have enough maturity to comprehend a hound’s need for a gentle introduction to a home.bluelogostrip




Meet little Teddy. He is a saluki x
Approx 8/9months old. His tale is a sad one. Given to a farmer by travellers, who said they would return to collect him in two weeks time. They never came back!
For four months, this poor lived on his own in a barn, seeing the farmer very occasionally, who fed him ( not very often ) otherwise, poor Teddy had no contact with the outside world.
Last week he was rescued 💕 under nourished, full of fleas and understandably nervous.
He is now in a foster home, with several dogs and cats. He has been vaccinated and neutered.
Teddy is ready to travel from Ireland, all he needs now is a family to call his own.
This small lad will need a loving, caring family with no small children to give him the time he needs to adjust to another move and new strangers in his world.
His nature is very friendly, and being a saluki he is a bouncy boy. Teddy is still a baby at heart, he will need a mum or dad at home most of the time, a buddy would be great to give Teddy confidence. Some puppy classes would be a good idea, Salukis are clever, and like all young dogs he will need guidance and stimulating.



Mister ( reserved )


Coming to NGR this month
If your looking for a lazy, handsome and affectionate new man in your life………..look no further !

welcome this fine brindle lad into the fold. Mister was born in 2011 and is looking for his forever home. He is the sweetest lad, a little timid when he first meets you but soon moves in for ear rubs and a lean when feeling more confident!

Now, Mister has been worked hard as a coursing greyhound and enjoys a little run around the field but he soon tires. His joints can become quite stiff after a long walk or a good run. We would love to find Mister a quiet home where someone is at home on a regular basis where he can spend his retirement curled up in front of the fire (favourite pastime) He is calm on the lead and is fairly bomb proof. Traffic and traveling does not bother him and he just loves to travel with you…even to the pub!!

Mister is about 28 inches to the shoulder and fine and solid! He didn’t seem to bothered by the small dogs yapping at him and seemed to take it all in his stride. Mister is NOT cat friendly…..




Meet the lovely petite black beauty is Sharapova. She is the litter sibling of Hawk and is looking for her forever home also. She is around 25 inches to the shoulder and is about 60lbs in weight.

Sharapova is a friendly little soul who is used to terriers and small children. Sharapova has not been cat tested as yet. And we will update her profile when she has been.




Love this handsome boy……a real gentle cow dog.

Meet the lovely Spot.

His birthday is 24th May 2015, so hes only 2, very friendly and fairly level headed too. Spot loves attention hes not very big, only bout 30kg, and such a gentle boy.

 If you would love Spot in your home then please get in touch with us 07470 931 758





This is Lenny here.

I would Just like to remind you that I am still in kennels waiting for that special family to offer me my forever home. I am waiting nearly 3 months now.
My kennel mate just got chosen but he is brindle and outgoing. I am black and a little shy but Please don’t overlook me because I’m black. I am funny and playful. I am brilliant with other dogs and really well behaved on the lead.
I am very clean in my kennel and once I get to know you I will love you and be your lifelong companion. I am sure you will love my shiny black coat if you just give me a chance. All I want is a family to love me and sofa to call my own. There must be someone out there for me.
Waiting patiently




Mac ( Adopted )


Meet Mac, this very happy go lucky boy was saved from a pound in Ireland. His time was up and NGR stepped in to save him. Now this is your chance to save him again, and offer him a forever home and the love he craves. He is playful boy, who is not very big at only 25′ tts.  Mac is approx 18months old. We feel that he would suit a family with children over the age of 7/8 years old. 

Mac has been tested with cats ( three in one home ) he did really well, and did not respond in any negative ways. So he are considering him to be very trainable.

He will play ball all day long if you have the time, and would suit a more energetic out going family. Mac, is the kind of dog, who given the chance will be a clever devoted dog. A dog you would be able to take anywhere. He is house clean, and such a friendly boy. Good on the lead, loves the car too !   what more could you ask for.?

A wonderful family dog for long beach walks. Please give this handsome brindle boy a chance. He really doe deserve it !   





Another lad, who has become excess to requirements, an ex-racer lad named Mikie. Aged at only four years old this stunning black and white greyhound is looking for a sofa to call his own.  He is quite a looker !   Mikie is a very sweet boy, who is uncle to Sue, who NGR homes last summer. He loves ear and neck rubs, and is very good with other dogs, big and small.   A confident boy, who would be great as an only dog, but would love a houndie companion.







Part greyhound, part tiger, 100% gorgeous! Meet Arthur, HUG’s latest superhero hound. Recently retired from coursing, This lad is now in foster.

He stands around 27 inches to the shoulder and is around 35kgs. He loves to run around the field with the other hounds and is a very happy boy. He has met smaller breeds and seems to be happy to meet them, although he will need to be supervised on meeting new friends. He loves his cuddles and has a great nature. He is good on the lead and would be an ideal first hound . He is not cat friendly.



( Jeff’s Sam )


A delightful, loving boy …….. meet sam, average size at 28′ tts. Sam is currently in Ireland and is looking for his forever home. Sam’s D.O.B is 18.09.14 and his sister to Sarah ( available and for a home too ) Another black boy, waiting for love and affection.   Sam has never known life outside kennels, so he may a little time to adjust to all the new and strange things in his world.

This boy, could really melt your heart, given the chance.

If you would like this little lad in your life then please get in touch with us here via our we



Meet Rocky guys. He is a fab quiet lad who is around 28 inches to the shoulder. His litter siblings Icon, Lassie and Wonder are also looking for a home.

Rocky is a pure gent. He is hanging up his running shoes and ready to look for a nice comfy duvet to lay on. He travels well and gets on with both male and female greys. He is yet to be tested around smaller dogs and cats.

Rocky was born in June 2014 and would so love a place to call his own. If you can offer this lovely boy a home please get in touch

If you are interested Rocky then please get in touch with us here via our website.



Gina ( Jeff’s Gina ) RESERVED

Another black beauty, another waste product of the racing industry. Gina is sibling to Jeff’s Spice who was homed by NGR last summer. An all round loving girl, who like all greyhounds wants her very own sofa. Someone to love her and give her the  happy life she so deserves. Gina, can be a little wary of people to begin with and is unsure until she gets to know you. She may let out the odd bark is she is unsure. Which is unusual for a greyhound.    Gina would be best suited to a home with another hound, she needs that little bit of confidence that only another dog can give her. Currently in Ireland.   Gina is not cat friendly.

If you would like this little girl in your life then please get in touch with us here via our website.




Icon ( Jeff’s Icon )

This very handsome boy is icon, a small boy at only 27″ tts and he loves nothing more than a fuss. He is a real cuddle bug. Icon really likes lean into and just wants to be your best friend. Icon, who was born 01.06.14 and is sibling to Wonder, Rocky and Lassie ( also available for rehoming ).

Fine with other greyhounds, both male and female greyhounds, but has not been tested with smaller dogs. He is not cat friendly.

If you would like this little lad in your life then please get in touch with us here via our we


Jeff’s Sarah ( reserved )

Meet Sarah…she is hanging up her running shoes and looking for her forever home. Sarah is around 26 inches to the shoulder and is shy girl to start with. Sarah is quiet and calm. She is very friendly and sociable and would love a home with another hound so she can play. Sarah is great on the lead and loves to hop in the car with you when you go traveling. Currently in a foster home in Norfolk, and enjoying home life.

If you would like this little girl in your life then please get in touch with us here via our website.


Mandi ( reserved )

This is the very lovely little girlie named Mandi. At age four, she is a gentle girl and is currently living in Norfolk with her elderly owner. Sadly he is no longer able to look after Mandi, and he has had to ask for help in finding her a new forever home.

Mandi is house trained and loved ear rubs, greta with all other dogs ( big and small ) walks fab on the lead. A gentle soul, looking for another chance at a home to love her for the rest of her days. Could that someone be you ?  Not cat friendly.




Say hello to this playful girl! Dot is just 2 years old and weighs about 52 pounds. She is great on the lead, loves her walks and sprints in the field or on the beach.
Dot adores attention, loves to play, and is used to children. Great with other greyhounds, she has yet to meet other breeds of dog, but won’t be suitable for a home with cats or hens. Dot isn’t used to being inside a house, but we think she would become settled fairly quickly.
If you would like to adopt Dot then please get in touch by contacting us on 07470 931 758 or:adoptionbuttonbluelogostrip



HUG welcome this fine brindle lad into the fold. Misty was born in 2011 and is looking for his forever home. He is the sweetest lad, a little timid when he first meets you but soon moves in for ear rubs and a lean when feeling more confident!

Misty is about 28 inches to the shoulder and fine and solid! He didn’t seem to bothered by the small dogs yapping at him and seemed to take it all in his stride.

If you would like to adopt Misty then please get in touch with us:




Say Hi to McGregor. This stunning lad is available for homing. Mac is 26 inches to the shoulder and of a slim build. He is used to larger breeds and would not be cat friendly.  More info to follow on this lad soon.  If you would like this boy in your life then please get in touch with us 07470 931 858




Every greyhound deserves a good and loving home. Our lovely little Greyhound girl Cliona 😍. Yes believe it or not she’s actually a tattooed Greyhound.

Cliona has had a very bad start to life having suffered a broken nose and lots of missing teeth from some sort of trauma to her head. She was a nervous wreck when she came in but she’s now a happy loving girl .

Please don’t over look this baby girl because of what she looks like. She could be the best companion you ever took a chance on folks.





Wilma ( reserved )


Wilma is a tiny black lurcher girl of approx 3years old. She is just a bundle of joy. Wilma loves everyone and all dogs. If you want an all round, faithful little package, then look no further…….you’ve just found the girl of your dreams.

Not cat friendly., but good with other dogs. Can you help this little black girl? She’s 23″ to the shoulder.







This senior lady so deserves a forever home and comfy sofa, with all day belly and ear rubs. Meet little Ruby ( Carragh with Paws ) at 8+years old. I feel broken for this poor girl.
Her body language says it all: a forever home would be amazing. But if anyone could offer a foster space to get her out of kennels she would be eternally grateful.
Not cat friendly., but good with other dogs. Can you help this little black girl? She’s 25″ to the shoulder:




Meet Emma – at 25″ she is a dinky girl.  Found with a terrible flea infestation., and an untreated injury to her back leg. Life has been a hard one, and an unkind one.  Her tail had to be amputated and she has a very small, but waggy tail left.
Emma has had to learn how to trust humans, she has started to learn that not all people are bad, and that they can be kind to her.
Emma is good with other dogs, and loves her daily trot off lead and walks. This pretty brindle girl is just hoping you could love her:


Minnie ( reserved )

This little stunner is Minnie, a playful beautiful, small young lady. Currently in a foster home in Norwich, and loving every minute of home life. A beautiful lady coming up for 4yo.
Minnie is the prettiest little lurcher girl you ever did see. At only 25′ tts she is a petit girl. 
Minnie is friendly, and walks lovely on the lead. We can’t understand why such a gorgus little girl is still waiting.
Minnie is fine with other dogs, but is not cat friendly. A home with children over the age of 10 would suit best for this pretty girlie.
If you would like to meet Minnie, or you’re interested in this beautiful girl, please do contact us.





Meet Penny, a small and very pretty girl. Friendly, and at only 60cm (23/24″) to the shoulder, Penny won’t take up too much room either.
NGR has just homed her pup Marty. Looking for an easy life, a comfy sofa and total tummy rubs. We want to get this girl a forever home.



Lola, a beautiful white and ginger girl.
She is a 3/4year old  lurcher who is only 25″ to the shoulder. Small and very affectionate, she is shy to start with, but come out of her shell once she feels she can trust you.  Another dog would be a great help with Lola’s confidence.




Meet little May: aged 4/5years old, she recently had six pups, but now they have been weaned and are living a life of their own, May is looking for a home to call her own.
Sadly, little May looks older than she really is., it’s been a long & hard life for this girl. Please consider giving May a chance at a happy ending for this pretty brindle girl:




Arwen – Lurcher Female 5/6yrs, 62cm.
Everyone meet the gorgeous petite Arwen. Arwen was found straying a couple of months back with 2 other lurchers. She had very bad mange when she arrived. Thankfully with treatment it’s all cleared and she is now looking for her forever home. She is very good with dogs of all sizes, both male and female. She has a very gentle nature, she is a calm girl who walks very well on the lead. She is a small sized girl. She would be good as an only dog, or company for another dog.



Cookie ( reserved )

New girl just in her name is cookie she’s a whippet/lurcher about 1 or 2 years old. Super friendly with people and other dogs. Small lurcher, neutered and fully vaccinated.
Currently in Ireland, ready to travel to the UK mid August.
07470 931 758




 POSSUM ( homed in Ireland )

 Another sad story…….and sadly another travellers dog., abused and beaten down soul. This amazing little baby girl is POSSOM. Her home offer in Ireland has fallen through., so we are looking for a home in the U.K. As you can see, POSSOM has not had a good or happy life. 

She had mange, flea’s, malnutrition, and totally lost.
But, love and affection, and some good hear meals have made a vast improvement as you can see. Thanks to Irish charity PAWS ANIMAL RESCUE.
Approximately 11/12 months old. Currently in Ireland 🇮🇪






Davey just takes your breath clean away. STUNNING !

Davy was born 09/12/2013. He was surrendered as his racing career came to an end. Davy is one cool, laid back boy. He walks very well on the lead.
At 1st meeting he can be a bit shy but once he comes out of his shell, he is a loving, calm boy. He loves being groomed and going for walks. We think Davy would be good with younger children as he has such a calm boy.
Davy is currently kennelled with a female lurcher. He goes out walking with other dogs with no issues. He will be small dog tested later. He weighs about 32/34 kgs and stands at approx 72cms.



Molly (brindle)

Molly is a beautiful 2 and a half year old greyhound looking for her loving forever home. She is a small stunning brindle girl with lovely bright eyes. She is a gentle loving greyhound who loves lots of attention and loves to play she will make a fantastic little pet.

Molly is currently with her owner but if you would like to adopt Molly please get in touch with us:



Wanda ( reserved )

Meet Wanda, a small lurcher girl. Currently in Ireland, but ready to travel with the SPCSA and has been in a foster home for over a year.
She was left behind by travellers after a coursing event 🙁  – as you can she she is a pretty girl, excellent with kids, and all dogs alike. Her main aim is to please and love you.
Wanda’s tail does not stop wagging. Approx 2/3 years old.
Not cat friendly. Clean in the house, and has been with up to 10 foster dogs at a time. She can counter-surf if given the chance!  Wanda has been off lead, and loves a run.  Her recall is good, but she does have selected hearing 😉





Lucas is a medium-sized 4 year-old lurcher who is experienced in living in a family home with children, small dogs and cats. He likes to go for a morning sprint in a safe field and then nap and eat throughout the day. He is toilet trained and can sit, stay, lie and shake a paw. He can be nervous with strangers and loud noises, so a quiet, calm home would suit him best.
Lucas is a fantastic family companion and he is quiet most of the time. He can make an excellent guard dog as he barks at the door when strangers approach and really, for some reason, dislikes the postman! His favorite spot in the house is the top of the stairs were he will keep watch on the house: that is, unless you have an open fire – then he will sleep there and become a rug.
Although he has lived with cats and small dogs in the past, he would need to be sensibly and carefully introduced to new animals in any future household. He also prefers slightly older and quiet children.

Loves his head & belly rubbed.
Enjoys cooked lambs heart and liver mixed in his food.
Enjoys pig ears as treats.
Staring out the window and barking at the postman
Enjoys chasing a ball


Sudden loud noises (or simply loud noises).

If you are interested in adopting Lucas, please complete our online adoption application:



Billy  ( Reserved )

Meet the very playful, and quite frankly very handsome lurcher boy BILLY.
Approx 18months old, this little looker is a lovely friendly chap, loves his walks, loves people, but is not cat friendly.

He is a dinky size lad at only 23/4″ to the shoulder.   He is currently in a foster home in Norwich. He is currently looking for his forever home:






This handsome white and black boy is looking for his forever home. Born in October 2012, Urban (Urban Bound) has been retired from racing for a while now after damaging his hock. This won’t stop him making the most of life as a family pet, and he enjoys being taken for a walk. Urban is a very gentle greyhound, he doesn’t bark at strangers, and is well behaved around children.
He has always lived in kennels, so hasn’t interacted much with other breeds of dog, and as such can be quite timid when encountering other dogs. If you would like to adopt or foster Urban then please get in touch by either contacting us on the NGR Facebook Page or completing our adoption form:






Everybody meet the absolutely stunning Mafi. Mafi was a coursing boy. He was born 28/03/2015. He stands at 75cms tall and weighs approx 30/32kgs. Mafi is a very affectionate loving boy. He adores cuddles. He has the most mesmerizing eyes!! Mafi is great on the lead. As Mafi was a coursing boy he wouldn’t suit a home with cats. I think he could learn to live with a small dog.
We think Mafi would best suit a home with another female dog for company, And someone who is experienced with greyhounds:




Mona surrendered by travellers, is a broken girl. Covered in scars. Recently had a leg amputated. She is doing great, a little withdrawn, just wants to sleep and have a quiet life. We have a foster home secured from when mona is well enough to travel to the UK. ( currently in foster in Ireland 🇮🇪)
Mona has a had an awful life, this is her chance for a happy ending. A quiet loving forever home. One that can show her, humans can be kind, gentle and loving. Mona is approx 7/8yo she is a delicate girl, who will need time to adjust, which I think she will do easily. She will certainly enjoy home comforts, good food, and a warm comfy bed. Could you love Mona and offer her a home in your house forever?




Meet Carrie, now she isn’t the prettiest greyhound on the block, yes, she has a big dint in her head. But, Carrie really does deserve a huge chance at happiness. Saved from awful conditions this once nervous girl, is a happy girl today.

Carrie has not had the best life and her old head injury does affect her ear., but, it is kind of endearing at the same time. 

We would advise with Carrie that a harness is used so there is no pressure around her neck. This girl is such a sweetheart….she needs time to trust and get to know you, but once she does she holds a beautiful smile and a very waggy tail. She loves people, and HUG in Ireland are working hard to introduce Carrie to the real world, as she has never seen much of it until a few months ago.

Carrie is a tiny dot and is about 23 inches to the shoulder, she has a lovely thick black coat. If you would like to give Carrie a loving home then please get in touch:



Fred ( Reserved )

Every so often a hound touches your heart…..well old boy Fred here has certainly pulled. I am counting on my friends to share Fred in the hope that his home is waiting out there somewhere. Fred is nearly 9 years old and is a lurcher. He lives with 2 other greyhounds at the moment but they will be leaving soon for their forever homes and Fred will be left again…..

This boy deserves to be in front of a fire with his legs in the air, relaxing, not pacing in a kennel…. If you would like a bit of “Right said Fred” then please contact NGR … Fred will be waiting:




Maggie was born on 3rd Feb 2014, she weighs 28kg, she is of an average height for a female Greyhound.
Maggie is looking for a home with another dog, and is a little timid., having had five previous owners in a very short time.
Not an uncommon occurrence in the racing industry.

She is currently with her present owner in Ireland. She is a snugly, loving girl., and a little cheeky. Maggie loves to raid your pocket if you have treats. This little beauty lives to gallops around the paddock.
Loves her food, and loves people. Maggie is an affectionate little lady looking for her forever home.






Meet this most handsome boy named Champ.
Champ is a large brindle lad weighing in at 90lbs. He has brilliant temperament and is very good on the lead. He is very well mannered and loves attention.
Champ would make a great pet and would love to curl up on the sofa with you. Champ is used to children of all ages and small pups so is well used to children and small animals.

If you would like to adopt Champ then please get in touch:




Dillon (lurcher)

Dillon is approx. 3 years old. Dillon has also been with PAWS rescue in Ireland for almost a year now. Dillon was so very skinny and timid when he arrived he has now turned into the most beautiful brindle lurcher He is very gentle with people and excellent on the lead. He is quite small at only 25″ to the shoulder.
Dillon gets on great with female dogs, if they like to play so does he but he’s also just happy to chill out with them too. We are not quite sure why Dillon is still with us as he is such a handsome boy.  To adopt Dillon please fill in the form below, home check and adoption fees apply:



Samantha  ( Reserved )

Samantha is a stunning blue brindle girl who is 7 years old and looking for her forever home. Samantha has never been in a home and would need patience and understanding when settling her in.

She is a quiet girl who loves affection and she leans right into you for a lovely cuddle. She is 26 inches to the shoulder, walks well on the lead and is happy to trot along at the side of you, nuzzling her nose into your hand.  She is not cat-friendly or small dog friendly.

If you would like to adopt Samantha please get in touch:


Rolo ( Adopted )

Meet handsome boy Rolo…..a young lad, who will be 3 in Sept.
Rolo is small for a boy., a quite light framed. Rolo was home through NGR, but there has been a change in circumstances and he has come back to us. He is currently in foster with Hayley in Norwich., along with two other male greyhounds.
He is house clean, can be left up to four hours.
He is a clever boy, he can sit and as you can see from the photo’s he is a very stunning young man.
A sociable lad, and is fine with larger dogs. But would need to be muzzled where small dogs were running loose. He is fine if the small dogs are leashed and well behaved. He is being socialised with smaller dogs 
a lot to help him get used to them. ( Rolo is not showing signs of aggression, he is just keen to chase ) 






Suzy ( ADOPTED )

Say hello to this little button called Suzi…standing 25 inches to the shoulder this little sweetie is looking for her forever home. Suzi is a sociable girl who is very friendly and likes her cuddles. She is good on the lead and loves to hop in the car with you to go on her travels.

Suzi is nearly 7 years old and would love a home to call her own..

If you would like to adopt Suzi then please get in touch. Adoption fee and home check apply:




Meet the lovely Annabelle, a mature girl of 7-8 years old who is long overdue for her forever sofa! She is quite calm and friendly, enjoys coming up for a rub and a lean. She hasn’t lived in a house before but we expect she we find it a natural fit and make an excellent pet.

If you are interested in adopting Annabelle, please get in touch:






Grace (Lady Gracedieu) (along with Tiny, see below) has come into the care of HUG in Ireland this week after her owner passed away. She was born in August 2008, raced many times, and reared four litters of puppies. After spending her life in kennels Grace is now looking for a retirement home with a comfortable sofa.
At 32kgs and standing approx 27″ to the shoulder, Grace is on the larger size for a female greyhound, but has a lovely nature and a large crinkly nose that wrinkles up in the air like a pixie! She has been around children and larger breeds of dog, and will get to meet other dogs whilst in our care. If you would like to adopt Grace then please get in touch by either contacting us or completing our adoption form online:




This handsome chap is Elvis, and he is a real little ‘rocker & roller’ as you can see Elvis is a fluffy lurcher boy, aged apron 7/8yo he walk really well on the lead, he loves people and ear rubs. Elvis can sit, and is quite a clever boy. Currently in Ireland, but can be transported to the UK once a foster space or home offer comes along.  If you’re interested in the handsome ‘love me tender’ dog please get in touch.





Small and perfectly formed. Meet Joy. This small and pretty little lurcher girl is waiting for a forever home to come her way. Joy came in with Possum ( also on our books ) from travellers. A very calm girl, excellent on the lead.  She is good with other dogs.  Joy is approx 8 years old.  Home checks and adoption fee of £150 apply. Joy is currently in Ireland, but can travel when a home offer is made.







The best things come in the smallest parcels – say hello to little Izzy. With her gorgeous amber eyes, Izzy is a beautiful, petite girl standing no more than 25″ to the shoulder. At only 19 months of age Izzy has never raced, and can be quite shy of new surroundings and people, and easily spooked by sudden movements.

Izzy has been in foster in Ireland now for six months. She has really come out of her shell. Izzy does need to be homed with another dog, so that her confidence can continue to grow.  A home with older children is a must.   Izzy, has been waiting a while now, but she is coming to the UK in August.  Interested ? call us 07470 931 758