Greyhounds Needing a Home

Here is our current list of greyhounds needing a home. Choosing the right dog for you is important and we will do our utmost to ensure you are both suited.

Note: NGR is generally against rehoming a greyhound in a home with children under the age of 5years old.  This is because there is a re-adjustment process for any rescue dog as he/she gets used to home life, and small children will not understand this.  For the safety of the child and the hound, it may be better to wait until children have enough maturity to comprehend a hound’s need for a gentle introduction to a home.bluelogostrip


Ship is a quiet, intelligent dog, born 2014. He sprained his wrist during racing 18 months ago, but this doesn’t affect his retirement at all. He is good with other greyhounds, but has yet to be introduced to smaller dogs.

Ship is a calm boy who loves getting ear rubs, and has already mastered the art of the sofa steal! If you would like to foster or adopt Ship then please get in touch by either contacting us on the NGR Page or completing our adoption form.







Sox is a petite brindle and white greyhound looking for her forever home. She is approximately 23 inches to the shoulder and is really sweet. She gets on with all other greyhounds and is yet to be tested with smaller breeds and cats.
Sox is 16 months old. She loves to play and is super affectionate…. Sox can be a little shy to start with but she is soon in for a cuddle when she realises you have the time to do so.
She will make an amazing companion for the right person or family.



Princess B

Another stunning flecked lurcher girl available through NGR.
A beautiful dappled coat, this pretty girl is approx 1 year old., and still very much a puppy.
Her name is Princess B ( Bella ) she is a friendly girl, who gets on well with other dogs, small and big.
B seems to like children and gets on well with them. She loves cuddles and attention.
Picked up as a stray, so not much of this girls previous history is known. She is very food orientated, and any food left out is fair game !
She would need a secure garden, and plenty of toys and stimulation. A home with another lurcher dog would be fab!
A mum at home most of the time, would also benefit B.
A busy home with children would really suit B., she is a great dog and in the right home she will flourish.
Princess B is currently in foster in Ireland., and is getting on great. She does like the odd shoe, so be warned !
As you can see, this pretty girl would make a terrific companion., she deserves a chance at such a young age.

Not a big girl, walks well on the lead. A true stunner !



Gentleman Jack

Just look at this poor boy. Another travellers dog, if he could tell you a story, it would probably be a sad one.  GJ is approx 8/9yo and you can see he has had a hard life.  He loves his heat lamp and warm jacket in his kennel. He is a happy old chap, who loves other dogs, but is not cat friendly. He is not a big lurcher by any means.   Could you be that special person to offer this lovely old boy a retirement home ?  to spend his golden years in front of the fire, having his belly rubbed ?  well if that you, call us right now !

 if you are interested in Gentleman Jack then please get in touch by either contacting us on 07470 931 758 completing our adoption agreement in the menu bar above.




Luke is a handsome black boy looking for his forever home. Luke is around 26 inches to the shoulder and of a slim build. He is a very sociable boy and loves going out on his walks.

His party trick is to stand on his hind legs against the kennel and get someone to rub his back for him. Luke was born in July 2014 and is the brother to Celt who was homed earlier this year.

If you would like this lovely lad as part of your family, If you would like Luke in your life then please get in touch




Fez lurcher male 8 years approx
Fez is a sweet older boy, he loves getting a good ear scratch or belly rubs in bed. He is currently in kennels in Ireland and he mostly chills out in bed but he does love his walks and easily keeps up with his younger kennel mate.

He is great with female dogs and ok with some males.

Fez is a very easy going boy who would love having a warm and comfy bed to call his own. 

Help us find Fez his forever home. He deserves all the happiness 💖💖




Max- born 04/07/2014. When Max arrived into us he was a very nervous shy boy. In these months that we have had him in our care he has blossomed into a playful, fun guy. At the same time he is kind and gentle. Max gets on very well with all dogs including small ones. He is very well behaved on the lead. He enjoys walks and loves company of other dogs. If you’re looking for a cool, calm loving boy, then Max is the one for you





Bertie………… is a wonderful character who will make a great pet, born June 2014. A big black boy with a tail that never stops wagging, and lots of kisses to give to you! Bertie loves to relax in his favourite chair or on the sofa, and is a really happy boy.

He is good with other greyhounds, but he has yet to be introduced to smaller dogs. Bertie broke his hock a few months ago, from which he is still recovering. It would be lovely to place him in a foster home while he continues with his care. If you would like to foster or adopt Bertie then please get in touch by either contacting us on the HUG Page or completing our adoption questionnaire at





Sue is 8.5 years old and she is looking for a loving forever home. Sue is 26 inches to the shoulder and is a pure pet. Sue was born in November 2009
So far Sue has settled well in a busy house with a variety of dogs big and small….she loves to be near you so would probably benefit from someone working part time. Sue is quite food orientated, so be aware of what you leave out on the side!
Sue is a very affectionate little girl who loves to follow you around, just in case she misses something. She gets excited when she see’s her lead and walks well at the side of you.
If you would like to take a senior hound into your heart then please get in touch. You will not be disappointed with this little poppet.
This poor girl has spent her whole life having puppies, born into a life of pure misery in the racing industry. PLEASE CONSIDER AN OLDER GREYHOUND. Sue really does deserve a forever home in her golden years.



Harry ( reserved )


This stunning lad is Harry. ( age 3 yo approx )
I am still little nervous, as I think I’m going to be hit when people come to pet me. I do love humans, but at the same time they scare me too.
The kennel ladies are helping me overcome my fear., given time and some big time TLC, I will learn to trust people.
I am only a small boy at 23″ and i weight 18kg. I won’t take up much room.
I would love to find a quite home with a mum and dad that will give me time to adjust, to find my feet and help me to love my new found life. My life hasn’t been a happy one so far, and Im praying my new family will love me to bits.
This week, I’m going to the vets to get my teeth cleaned and to have my dangly bits off !
I would love to come with my passport to the UK……could you love me. Im very good with other animals as you can see, I get on with the kennel ratter cats !





Lola is 8 years old and is a really placid and well behaved dog!

Information from her current owner……………She is house trained and never messes I’m the house. She has been known to not go to the toilet for long periods of time as she refuses to go out in the rain 🙈

She is excellent of the lead through the day, I normally never have her on a lead. She does not roam far, she comes back when shouted and will wait at a road when asked. Lola likes to play with other dogs whilst out in the community. However, I am not sure what she would be like if there was another dog in her territory.

Lola loves the warm and will lay as close to a fire or radiator as she can get.

Lola really hates loud fireworks and I normally buy tablets to ease her anxiety around this time. Lola loves walking on leads and will walk for miles and miles. However walking in the dark scares her a little bit so I don’t let her off her lead on a night. Lola is not a fan of being in a car, she will cry until she gets out of the car. She does however sit still and does not jump around the car.

She is on paper the perfect dog, however due to my circumstance living by myself and working long hours it is unfair to her being by herself. It has took me a long time to make this decision to rehome Lola as she has been a big part of my life. But i need to think of Lola and her quality of life rather than my own feelings.




Old Man River



Meet Old man River., a small framed lurcher lad aged approx 9 – 10 years old.  He is a real charmer, and quite a looker for a gent of his respectable age.  Don’t be put off by this age, lurchers have a good life expectancy and are hardy dogs. OMR is very gentle with humans, and is fine with other dogs, he is a chilled lad who would make a fabulous companion. He is not cat friendly.





Mai is a very pretty 1.5 year old brindle girl looking for her forever home. She has just gone into foster in Ireland, so on her personality soon.
She is 26 inches to the shoulder and weighs about 65 lbs. She is a little timid when she first meets you, but soon settles when kindness is shown.
Mai is fine around larger dogs but is fresh out of the kennels and has not yet been introduced to smaller breeds of dogs or cats. She walks well on the lead and is an affectionate little girl.
If you would like to adopt Mai then please get in touch

Home checks and adoption fee’s apply.  





Meet bobby…..He is three and a half years old and is looking for his forever home. Bobby will need a quiet home with another hound as he is quite nervous, but once in a home and settled he will blossom and become your best friend.
If you would like Bobby in your life please get in touch with the HUG team.





 Orea ( reserved )

Meet Orea, a young small white and black lurcher girl. Small atonally 21″ tts.
A very sociable girl, loves to play with other dogs, as you can see a very happy girl. Better in a home with someone around most of the time. Young lurchers are playful and need plenty of exercise. You won’t regret having a look at this girl when she arrives into foster in the UK.
Approx 1 year old.







NGR welcome’s

Small lurcher boy Fudge approx 2 years old. Well behaved and only 21″ tts, this lad is a little stunner, good with other dogs. May require some house training, but, he is very clean in his kennel. Currently in Ireland, awaiting a foster place with NGR in the UK

Good with other dogs, but not cat friendly.

Home check and adoption fee apply




Clover ( adopted )

Clover is a lovely black girl with a white chest who is looking for her forever home. Clough was born in January 2012 and is in great condition. Clover is 26 inches to the shoulder and around 70 lbs in weight.

As you can see, Clover has settled into her foster home and life outside kennels with no trouble at all. A special girl, who walks fine on the lead. She is house clean.

She is very friendly and is fine around other breeds of dogs including Bichon Frise types.
Clover is currently with her owner at the moment but if you would like to have Clover in your life then please get in touch.



Boots ( reserved )

This little pure whippet is Boots. He is approx 2/3yo …….. he is neutered and vaccinated. Boots will be ready to come to the UK to the end of March. Sadly his owner has had to go into a home.
Boots will need a very secure garden. He is a jumper, so careful supervision in the garden will be needed to start with.
He is currently in foster in Ireland, he is house clean, and good with children.
He would love to have a companion to play with. He is not good with Male dogs, but brilliant with females. He is not cat friendly.
Home checks and adoption fee is a minimum of  £150 apply.

If you would like this little girl in your life then please get in touch with us here. Or call 07470 931 758



Betty is a happy, 7 year old female looking for her forever home. Born in July 2010, Betty was retired from racing 5 years ago after injuring her toe. This has no effect on her day to day life, and Betty is in good condition with no health problems. She is a very friendly girl, and is used to other dogs and children, and can be quite lively.

Betty would regularly see the Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, and cat living next door and takes little interest in them. We are unable to say if Betty is cat friendly as our foster homes are not available at the moment. She is well looked after, but due to a change in circumstances Betty is lonely and not able to receive the time and exercise she deserves. If you would be interested in adopting or fostering Betty then please contact us.

Applications through the NGR website please. Home checks and adoption fee’s apply. 




Mica ( reserved )


Meet whippet X lad Mica., a great little lad, found alone in Ireland, the lady who rescued him kept him safe for a couple of weeks, and then surrendered him to a rescue. He is approx 4/5 months old., and such a handsome lad.
He is almost lead trained and house clean ( a little bit of work maybe required ) He is a very happy puppy.
This lad will need a home with someone at home most of the time, puppies are fab, but need educating and guidance.
Puppy training classes are also a good idea.
applications through our website please.






This stunning looking boy is Charlie, born in 2015. Charlie is a greyhound, and has the prettiest patterned coat.  He is not cat friendly and would need careful introductions to smaller breeds of dog. His is used to large breeds and is fine with them.

Charlie is still with his trainer, and as such may need some basic toilet training. He is a friendly, happy dog patiently waiting for his chance at a real and loving new life.  More information to follow once we have it.





Meet Nancy…. Nancy is beautiful fawn coloured girl looking for her forever home. Nancy was born in 2016 and has not made the grade as a coursing girl. Nancy is about 27 inches to the shoulder and weighs in at 70 lbs. She is a fabulous girl. She has been in foster in the UK for 4 weeks now. She was reserved, but the home offer has fallen through and she is back up for grabs.

Nancy loves children and is used to all ages. She is calm and patient with them and loves to play with them. Nancy loves her walks and she travels well, she is great on the lead and is very affectionate.  She is lovely on the lead. Nancy can be left for unto 3 hours.

Nancy is fine around all dogs large & small  if you would love to meet this girlie please get in touch  ( not cat friendly & in foster near Oldham )




Harvey is a small scruffy lurcher male 1yr
Harvey is a total softy he’s still a little shy of being petted on his head but is improving every day. Since arriving( in kennels in Ireland )  he has settled in very well and has met a few other dogs with no problems. He has even started to play with toys which is really cute to watch! He enjoys getting cuddles from everyone. He has improved with his lead training and rarely pulls on the lead

 If you would like Harvey in your life then please get in touch…he will be waiting



Tommy ( adopted )


Tommy is a stunner, he was adopted through NGR last year, unfortunately do to a change in circumstances, Tommy needs to find himself a new home. Work commitments have taken over and Tommy needs more than his current owner can give him.  He is a stunning, white boy with the little fawn fluffy ears.    He is a saluki X/lurcher, approx 2years old.  Tommy has a lot of stamina and as such will need a family who can accommodate this. He goes off lead, and his recall is fab. He is house clean, and is very good with other dogs.  He has spent a lot of time around children too.  Tommy is also cat friendly.




Diego in foster in Ireland

The stunning Diego is available for homing, at not even 20 months old Diego had broken his leg….he is now fixed and ready to find his retirement sofa with someone like you.

Now, because he is quite young, he still has some puppy antics in him, and he loves to play. He enjoys his walks and loves the company of people and other greyhounds.
He is coming out of a kennel environment so would not be used to small dogs and cats and would need sensible introductions.

If you would love Diego in your family then please get in touch.



SJ – Cat friendly !!

This little lad is SJ he is a  6month old whippet X., he is vaccinated and ready to travel. But he is not yet neutered. So this will have to be factored in any adoption. He is currently in foster in Ireland, with lots of other dogs. SJ is very sociable. He is of a very slight build and stands 20″ tts.  

Puppies are always a bundle of joy. But, they do need some training and guidance. Someone at home to teach little SJ is a must. A bored puppy is a destructive one !  Please don’t apply if you work full time.   SJ is house clean, walks fab on the lead, and although it is not something we encourage, he is crate trained.

SJ could be cat trainable., he does bark at the resident cat., but, with time and the correct and responsible guidance, he would be cat friendly.



Kerry is a beautiful girl both inside and out. She is a sensitive soul who can get a bit of a fright from unexpected noises. Considering the big change in environment she has adapted well to city life but her heart belongs in the country with less heavy traffic and more hound safe places to explore. She loves the beach and the forest but isn’t so keen on the busy town streets

Kerry is great on the lead and loves car rides. She has shown no signs of aggression but off leash dogs can scare her a little, so on occasion wears a muzzle if likely to encounter a lot of them, she wears it happily.

She is very quiet, in three weeks I haven’t heard any sound from her and she sleeps all night through. She is exceptionally well house trained. She loves her walks, short or long and then snuggles in to the sofa for a nap.

I think Kerry’s dream home would be in a rural location with a hound proof garden to play in. Ideally she needs another hound friend and an experienced hound owner would be a plus.

Kerry needs a patient, gentle owner who has the time to bring her out of her shell. Although she is good with children of all ages, given her sensitive nature I feel older children or no children would be better for her. She is nervous around men so if there is a man in the family he needs to understand it will take even more time for her to bond with him.






New girl on the block coming for January…….meet Cara ( Irish for friend ) a stunning young fawn greyhound.
D.o.b 11.03.15 s you can see, Cara has been around children.
Walks fine on the lead. A lovely girl. Cara has never lived indoors. This is her chance to have the opportunity to shine, as a member of a new family in 2018.

If you would love this stunning girl in your home then please get in touch





This stunner is Archie he was born on March 13th 2015. He is not a huge GH at 29kg. He is a very obedient lad and very clean.  You will have no problems with initial house training.  Archie can sit on command    ( most greyhounds can’t do this ) and he will give you his paw !     He loves other female dogs, and would be better paired with a girlie. He can be a little dominate with other males.

Archie is currently in Ireland with his owner. She tells us that Archie loves his food, and hates to get out of his bed on wet mornings. So if you’re looking for an easy going lad, this could be the boy for you.

Archie loves his runs in the paddock, and would probably benefit from wearing a harness to start with.  Archie will play ball, although his bring back needs a bit of work lol.    He does the odd tit bit and a good ole ear rub.

If you could offer this handsome boy a new and forever home, please do let us know.





Quill male lurcher 9+ yrs approx
Quill is a real gentleman he’s very relaxed and easy going. He gets on great with other dogs big and small, male and female. Quill is mostly deaf but that doesn’t stop him he’s still follows the other dogs in and out of the kennel with no problem. He doesn’t like to be outside too much and is really enjoying his comfy duvet bed so much so that he rarely gets out of bed in the morning. Quill would love a home of his own to live out his golden years





 Say hello to this handsome fawn boy. Will was born in July 2015, but recently damaged his hock whilst racing. None of the bones are broken, but Will has torn two muscles in his calf. His leg is now in a temporary cast for a few weeks to allow the muscle time to repair.

In the meantime Will is enjoying his recuperation in a home with other greyhounds and a small terrier. Lovely natured dog who will make an affectionate pet. If you would like to adopt Will then please get in touch by either calling us on 07470 931 758 

Home checks and adoption fee’s apply





Meet Paul, a small lurcher boy. As you can see a very happy lad. Who loves human company. He loves other dogs, large and small. Paul is approx 5/6yo.
He walks fine on the lead and he is crate trained.

A chunky little chap, who stands 26″ tts.
Paul would love a home with a family, he is great with kids. He is not cat friendly. Just look at Paul’s face, could you be the special family waiting to give this boy his new forever home ?


enquiry/adoption form or call us on 07470 931 758




 Borris ( reserved )


Say hello the the very handsome and very dinky boy Borris 1 year old male.. He was a stray dog in Ireland, and saved from being put to sleep in the pound.  it has been very start for little Borris.  As you can see he is a very cute scruffy lurcher. Maybe a little bit of GSD in there. 

Borris is a typical, busy lurcher. He loves to rip round the garden, does long walks and so far has been very playful and good with other dogs he has met with his foster dad on long country walks.  Borris is definitely a mans dog.! 

Borris has probably never been in a home before, and he is loving it !  He sleeps on his foster dads bed of a night time, and he has so far been house clean.

Fully vaccinated neutured microchipped, neutered and waiting for his forever home to arrive. In foster in Norwich, Norfolk. 

So, sensible introductions would be required. Borris would have no chance at all of getting a home in Ireland, so all hope’s are pinned on him getting one in the UK.




Meet the delightful Hawk. He was born in August 2013 and is looking for his forever home. He is a sweet natured boy and is used to small dogs. He lives with a terrier and is used to young children also.

Hawk is about 26 inches to the shoulder and is about 60lbs in weight. He has a lovely pointy nose and likes to cuddle in to you with it.

If you can offer Hawk a loving home then please get in touch……..07470 931 758





Meet Saluki X girl Ruby. ( approx 2yo )
Ruby was rescued from the pound this week, after being picked up as a stray.
She has beautiful red colour coat, which after time, and some good food, will look stunning. Ruby is currently underweight, but she is now in a private kennel facility in Ireland, and has started to gain weight.
Ruby is 26″ tts and only weighs 19kg, she is currently getting lots of TLC from the kennels staff and is starting to enjoy life.
If you think you could offer Ruby a new forever home, please do contact us Norfolk Greyhound Rescue.




Bella ( reserved )

Meet lurcher girl Bella., this poor girl really needs some help right now. She is currently in Ireland. Bella was a stray, freezing and frightened a caring lady took the time to feed Bella tit bits and leave her food out., over a few weeks the lady gained Bella’s trust.
This kind lady has taken Bella into her home, but can’t keep her. Bella is going to have to go to the pound, as the lady can’t keep her for much longer.
She is approx 2yo, she is vaccinated and is due to be spayed next week, at the expense of the lady.
NGR have said they will try to help., Bella is a small girl 21”tts., Bella stands no chance of finding a home in Ireland. So getting her to the UK is the only way to get this girl a new home.
Bella is very good with other dogs and maybe cat trainable.




Merlin – SPONSOR DOG – donate through our website.

Merlin  – if you would like to make a monthly donation to help with Merlins care, please visit our donate button on our website.

You will remember Merlin when he came to us a few months ago. He had serious damage from an road traffic accident.

He had a few underlying health issues which have now been sorted. Left at the side of the road after being hit by a car, Merlin sustained a broken pelvis and a horrific wound stretching across his side. Now, after almost three months he has been given a new lease of life.
At approximately ten years of age and a little deaf, he’s an easy going, cheerful chappie with very simple needs. He likes short walks, where he can follow his nose, or just mooch around the garden. His favourite pastimes are being stroked, sleeping next to you and treat time!
Merlin is the perfect companion for an older person. He just wants another opportunity to love and to be loved cause he just loves everyone.




And still the handsome black males keep rolling in!

Meet Larry is a gentle 4 year old greyhound who retired from racing in October. He is the most friendly boy, who loves to bury his head in your chest for lots of love and affection.

Larry is currently with his racing owner where he lives with other greyhounds and the resident small terrier. He has lovely tuxedo markings and a super wobbly nose! Larry will make someone very happy. If you would like to adopt Larry then please get in touch by either






Everyone meet the stunning Clark. Born in November 2010. Clark was surrendered into us as his racing career had ended. Clark is 7 yrs and a true gentleman. He is very cool and calm. He is an easy going boy who loves his bed.
Clark gets on great with all dogs and is currently sharing his kennel with Rex, another male Greyhound.
He is very good on the lead. Clark could be rehomed by himself or company for another dog. He was tried with small dogs and was interested at the start but once he calmed down all went well. Clark stands at 72cms and weighs about 31kgs.






Yondo lurcher male 6+yrs approx
This lovely calm boy is great with everyone he meets.

He lives with a male and female lurcher with no problems. He’s good on the lead and doesn’t pull that often. He loves cuddling up with his kennel mates in bed.






Jupiter is a smaller lurcher girl, aged approx 2yrs
This gorgeous girl is a total sweet heart.

She loves everyone she meets. She is excellent with other dogs big and small. Jupiter is full of fun and loves to play with other dogs. She is ok on the lead but does pull a bit at first., but settles down once she gets going.  Jupiter is a fab girl, with the usual bouncy tendency of a young dog. A home where someone was available to give this stunner plenty of runs would be great !




Potter ( cat friendly )


Meet Potter, he is a young saluki X. As you can see he is wonderful with kids. He is also cat friendly. Loves other dogs and loves his walks. He is a very good boy. He is house clean and crate trained.  ( 26″ tts  – small lad )
I believe that Potter is in a foster home ( in Ireland ) with a cat and other dogs. Potter is a young boy, and would need a home where he would get plenty of exercise. Another dog for company would be a bonus!



Handsome, isn’t he ?

James is a greyhound X who has been waiting for his forever home for the last 5 months. He was originally spotted in July running along a main road with an injured leg. He was rescued and taken to the vets for xrays and scans, where it was determined that the leg injury was an old one.
This doesn’t stop him from doing zoomies and having fun! James is approximately 3 years old, and is such a good natured boy. He is great with other dogs, loves people, and especially loves to play. However, he doesn’t like cats or wet weather! James is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and has his Passport ready to go at a moment’s notice  He is house trained and likes to sleep on a comfortable sofa, or in his bed, or on a soft rug to stretch out.
If you would like to adopt James then please get in touch





Rocco was born in 2013 and is in great condition. Rocco stands 28 inches to the shoulder and weighs about 85lbs.

Rocco would like to find his forever home. He is good on the lead and loves to travel with you in the car. He is good with other greyhounds but has not been around smaller dogs or cats.

Rocco is currently with his owner at the moment, but will come into us soon enough.

If you would like to adopt Rocco then please get in touch with us either via our website





Meet Bowie, a beautiful male saluki X
approx 18/24months old. He was found wondering after the storm passed through Ireland.
He was starving, freezing and in need to some medical treatment., he is now safe and recovering in a foster home.

Bowie was not chipped and has been through the correct procedure to enable him to be re homed with NGR in the UK.

As you can see, he gets on fine with the cat, the kids and the resident dogs. He has been a very good boy. His new foster family are waring on some basic training, as its likely Bowie has never been in a home before.
This will probably need to be carried on when he makes the move to a new & forever home.

Bowie is a little shy, but once he gains your confidence he will be your best mate. He is 26/27″tts




I know what you’re thinking . . . .  stunning !!?

Say Hi to Womble folks. Womble was born in January 2014. This gentleman is now looking for his forever home. Womble would like a quiet home to retire to where he can chill out and get used to the home comfort.

Womble is great on the lead and he loves to jump into the car with you. He has only been around greyhounds all of his life so would need some patient handling whilst introductions are being made to the world outside of kennels.

If you feel you can give this loving boy a home then please get in touch





Mr Darcy is a 3 year old, friendly boy who is waiting to be introduced to you. Tall, dark and handsome – just like his namesake .

 He gets on great with other dogs, loves to travel, and is well behaved around children. Charming boy with plenty of love to give. If you would like to adopt Mr Darcy then please get in touch by either contacting us on the HUG Page or completing our adoption form at the top of this page.






Polly is a small dainty black greyhound girl looking for her forever home. Polly was born in 2012 and is around 26 inches to the shoulder and around 66lbs.

Polly is very tolerant of small dogs but found it quite hard to cope with a puppy. Polly would suit a quiet home with another dog, male or female. She loves attention and a good fuss. Polly is good on her lead and loves to go out walking and explore new surroundings.

Polly has come from a kennel environment so she is getting used to the outside world, her new owner will need to be patient whilst she adjusts.

below, home check and adoption fees apply:




Carmac is an amazingly handsome boy looking for his forever home.

Caramc is 2.5 years old and stands 26 inches to the shoulder and weighs about 30kgs. Carmac is weary of people at the moment, but when he realises you can offer him safety and love, his heart starts to open.
Carmac will take time to trust, quick movements will make him jump, so he will need a calm family to help make him a confident dog. Carmac is good around other large breeds, but has not been tested around smaller dogs as yet.

If you would like this boy in your life then please get in touch



Sally ( reserved )

Meet Sally, approx 18/24months old. A small whippet sized girl at only 23.5″ tall.
A sociable little girl., an ex-travellers dog.  Sally is a gentle, girl who will love to be loved. Sally is a lazy, calm girl, who loves her bed. Your would need to build up to leaving sally. She can be left for short periods at the present. Sally is not cat friendly.

A calmer home would be more suitable. She is not a jumpy up girl., we think she has a little Saluki in her, but she acts nothing like one !

Just look at Sally’s face. Absolutely lovely. A gentle, quiet soul.
Small girl approx 23” tts.  Walks lovely on the lead. And very social with other dogs.
Just look at that beautiful face.

More information to follow once Sally is here and we’ve assessed her.




Seaside Roger, another throw away dog from the Irish coursing industry !

Roger is a tall and handsome male, fawn coloured, ex coursing dog weighing 85lbs. He was born on 31/05/16, so is not yet 2 years old. Roger is not a keen chaser, but is not yet tested with cats or small dogs, he gets on well with the other greyhounds.He is a quiet boy who enjoys his food and travels well in the car. Can you find room in your heart and your home for handsome Roger,

Roger is fully vaccinated and neutered and is ready to travel so please get in touch if you can offer him a loving home


Ariel – coming to the UK soon – Already in foster!

Ariel is a pretty girl with a beautiful shiny coat and a lovely nature to match. Born in July 2015, Ariel was retired from racing after damaging her shoulder ligaments over a year ago, so this gives her an odd gait when walking and running. Ariel travels well, and enjoys doing zoomies for short periods of time in the paddock. She has been in a foster home since Christmas and this is what her foster Mum has to say about her:

“Ariel is doing great, she’s a very bright little girl who managed to get herself onto the sofa the first night she arrived. She goes up and down the stairs without a bother, follows me everywhere during the day to see what’s going on and absolutely loves her grub. Out walking she seems very placid, very light on the lead and show no interest in other dogs or people, and she can run better than she walks. Ariel is very affectionate, she waits patiently in the morning when she hears me get up and always has a wagging tail to greet the family. Ariel gets on well with my whippet and greyhound, and is an easy going dog that loves to be fussed over. Though she’s self contained and confident Ariel does love company and she would be happier with someone at home most of the day and if not, then another dog for company. She settled in here the day we collected her and is so low maintenance, house trained from the beginning and looks to go out to the toilet several times a day. Ariel is not bothered by loud noises/hoover/childrens’ voices or other dogs, and she loves to lie for hours with her shoulders and head on cushions. She will be a terrific companion for someone who wants a faithful hound to smother with love and be adored in return.”

If you would like to adopt Ariel then please get in touch by either contacting us on the HUG Page or completing our adoption questionnaire



Echo lurcher female 3+yrs
Little Echo is a shy girl, she really needs other dogs around her so she has a bit more confidence.

When she’s alone she is very shy and scared, So she will require a home with someone around and at home most of the time. Echo is starting to settle into paws  in Ireland, but still needs her dig friends with her to help her feel safe. She is starting to join in with the other dogs when they play with staff which is always great to see. Echo is good on the lead. Echo will travel to the UK when we have a home offer.


Snoopy ( Adopted )

At only 20 months old Snoopy is looking for his forever home. This fabulous boy is currently living with other greyhounds, so would need introducing to other breeds of dog. Snoopy is full of lovely little speckles and freckles and is just stunning!, and has a tail that never stops wagging.

Snoopy has just arrived in the UK ( 01.02.18 ) and gone into a foster home with Rosie         ( also available )  he is a calm, if not a little shy at the moment. But, in time he will gain his confidence and you will begin to see the real Snoopy dog.

He is fine with other dogs, and has shown no aggression at all with other breeds. He walk fine on the lead, and is a super boy. A great first time owners dog!

He is so excited to see what the world has to offer, and would love a nice comfy sofa to relax on. We hope to take more photos at the weekend. If you would like to foster or adopt Snoopy then please get in touch by either contacting us on the NGR Page or completing our adoption form.



Black Jack



Seeing as it’s Black Friday week say hello to our very own black Jack. He is a friendly 4 year old boy who is now looking for his forever home.

Currently with his racing owner Jack also spends his time having fun with the resident Springer Spaniels, although he has yet to meet other breeds of dog. He hasn’t been around children, but is in good condition and has no previous injuries. We are hoping to get more photos soon. If you would like to adopt Jack then please get in touch by either contacting us on the website by completing our adoption / enquiry form 




Bullet – CAT FRIENDLY ( reserved )

Meet the stunning Bullet, he is a white and dark brindle lad of approx 18months old.  He arrived today ( 08.02.18 ) and has gone into a foster home with another greyhound and a cat !!!    We will update this beautiful boys profile in a week, once we know more about his personality.



Diesel ( reserved )

Diesel, sadly has a sad story. He arrived approx 2 weeks and has been a very good boy, sadly his new owner has suffered a serious stroke and we need to find Diesel another home.

He is approx 2 years old and a really good, happy friendly lad. He is still with his new mum and dad, but, with such a change in circumstances, they are struggling to cope with with this massive family trauma and a new dog  in the house.





It’s nearly hard to believe that this is even the same dog. Possum is doing soooo well. Her rough coat is starting to grow after she was taken from travellers in a terrible state. As you can see from the photo this poor girl at the tender age of only one year old, has already had a awful life. Flea and mange riddled, this poor girl was nothing more than garbage, to be thrown away. But., PAWS in Ireland came to the rescue and saved this girl. 

Such a stunning little girl, the before and after  pictures say everything.😍😍.

Great with other dogs, typical playful, happy lurcher girl, looking for her forever home !



Millie ( reserved )

Millie is a stunning brindle female, who will be celebrating her 2nd Birthday on Valentine’s Day. She was originally bred as a coursing dog, but has shown no inclination to chase, all Millie wants to do is play. Standing at just under 27″ to the shoulder Millie is a lovely compact girl, who gets on great with children and gives the best kisses.

She is good with other dogs, big and small, and is looking forward to finding her forever home. Millie is currently with her owner, so we are unable to test her with cats. If you would be interested in adopting Millie then please get in touch by either contacting us on the NGR Facebook Page or completing our online adoption form above.


Ozzy ( reserved )



Meet Ozzy., ( approx 2 yo )
This dainty little chap is looking for his forever home. Currently in Ireland, and looking to come to the UK when he has the offer of a new home.
He is a typical whippet X. He is 14kg, and as you can see he is a very handsome lad.
He is in a private kennel facility and and is a well behaved young man.



Betty Boo ( reserved )

Please form an orderly queue!!
This is Betty-Boo a whippet size scruffy lurcher girl. Approx 1 year old. A small delicate girl., Rescued from the pound this week in Ireland.
Betty-Boo will be coming to the UK in March. If you wish to apply please visit our website and complete our online adoption form.