Greyhounds Needing a Home

Here is our current list of greyhounds needing a home. Choosing the right dog for you is important and we will do our utmost to ensure you are both suited.

Note: NGR is generally against rehoming a greyhound in a home with children under the age of 5years old.  This is because there is a re-adjustment process for any rescue dog as he/she gets used to home life, and small children will not understand this.  For the safety of the child and the hound, it may be better to wait until children have enough maturity to comprehend a hound’s need for a gentle introduction to a home.bluelogostrip


Ship is a quiet, intelligent dog, born 2014. He sprained his wrist during racing 18 months ago, but this doesn’t affect his retirement at all. He is good with other greyhounds, but has yet to be introduced to smaller dogs.

Ship is a calm boy who loves getting ear rubs, and has already mastered the art of the sofa steal! If you would like to foster or adopt Ship then please get in touch by either contacting us on the NGR Page or completing our adoption form.







This is what we know about George.
George is a very handsome, tall black Greyhound about 80lbs in weight and an elegant looking boy. He is super friendly and loves his cuddles.

He is good with children and as he was brought up with other breeds of dogs around him, he is good with other dogs too, but so far he has not been introduced to any cats. He walks well on the lead and is very clean in his kennel and loves his food.


Stella ( reserved )

Everyone meet the stunning Stella. Stella is about 11 mths old. She’s a fab girl. So friendly and loving. Stella gets on great with all dogs, big,small, male and female. She can sometimes pull on the lead. Stella is still young so she loves to play. She is very clean girl in her kennel. She is ALWAYS happy ! Stella deserves a home to call her own. She would be happier to have some doggy company in her new home




Coming to soon…Romeo is a very happy dog and loves life, born 2015. He is good with other greyhounds, but has yet to be introduced to smaller dogs. Romeo is definitely interested more in the ladies, and is looking for his very own Juliet

 He sprained his wrist during racing 3 months ago, but this doesn’t stop Romeo from enjoying himself. He can be a little shy on first meeting people, but he soon becomes your friend. If you would like to foster or adopt Romeo then please get in touch by either contacting us on the NGR Page or completing our adoption for in the above drop down menu.



Little Lady

Coming to NGR this month, this stunning small black girl Lady . Has been in a foster home for one month in Ireland. Great with all dogs big and small. 

A great first time owners dog, or Little Lady would make a great companion for the dog you have already in your life !!

Little Lady. She is a very petite girl weighing in at 60lbs. Lady is 2.5 years old and is a very gentle girl looking for her forever home.

If you would like a little lady in your life then please get in touch






I would like to introduce our gorgeous boy Ramsey. Ramsey has been with us just over 2 yrs, yes you heard that right, 2 yrs. When he arrived into us he was a shy, not very confident, very unhappy boy.
He has grown into a gent of a boy! So happy, friendly and affectionate. He gets on great with dogs big and small but is best suited with females. He walks well on the lead. People are sometimes put off as he sometimes barks when people go past his kennel, sadly this does put people off. Otherwise he is a quiet boy.

He is 62cms tall and weighs about 20/23kgs. Ramsey is not OK with cats. Please help us find him his forever home. He deserves all the happiness 💖💖



Let it snow, let it snow !!  just look at the snow flecked coat….

Meet the delicious Wayne. He is a lovely black boy with a speckled coat, looking for his forever home. He is a calm boy and gets on fine with other greyhounds. He is gentle on the lead and loves to travel. Wayne is currently with his owner at the moment but has been prepped ready for travel.

So if Wayne rocks your world, please get in touch





Bertie………… is a wonderful character who will make a great pet, born June 2014. A big black boy with a tail that never stops wagging, and lots of kisses to give to you! Bertie loves to relax in his favourite chair or on the sofa, and is a really happy boy.

He is good with other greyhounds, but he has yet to be introduced to smaller dogs. Bertie broke his hock a few months ago, from which he is still recovering. It would be lovely to place him in a foster home while he continues with his care. If you would like to foster or adopt Bertie then please get in touch by either contacting us on the HUG Page or completing our adoption questionnaire at





There are no images in this gallery.


Max- new boy on the block…..STUNNING!

Max was born 04/07/2014. Max was a racing hound who came to the end of his career and was surrendered into us. He stands appprox 68cms and weighs approx 28/30 kgs. Max is a very sweet boy. ( not cat friendly )

Max is coming around to the fact that all humans aren’t scary. Max is looking for a special home, he needs a home with another dog as he’s at his most confident/happiest when he has other doggy company. He needs a quiet home. Max is very well behaved on the lead. If you think you have the right home for Max please contact us 💖.






Another lad, who has become excess to requirements, an ex-racer lad named Mikie. Aged at only four years old this stunning black and white greyhound is looking for a sofa to call his own.  He is quite a looker !   Mikie is a very sweet boy, who is uncle to Sue, who NGR homes last summer. He loves ear and neck rubs, and is very good with other dogs, big and small.   A confident boy, who would be great as an only dog, but would love a houndie companion.







Meet Tigger, waiting to be your best friend !

This lad desperately needs a forever home. Tigger is a loving, gentle giant, he has a great personality and will bring a lot of joy to a forever family. He loves playing ball and showing off his ball skills, he is happiest when he is playing with the kids, our youngest is 11 and autistic and Tigger gravitates towards him.

Tigger loves travelling in the car, as soon as he sees a car door open he is in, he loves to sit by the window and gaze out at the passing world.

Tigger is very kind to humans, female dogs and smaller male dogs but he does not like larger males or cats. He seems oblivious to alpacas, sheep and horses. He never wanders away from the house.

We think Tigger is about 3 years old. He is very energetic and loves human company. He has been micro-chipped, neutered, vaccinated…..he has a passport so his new home could be somewhere other than Ire-land.  Currently with his owners in Ireland. Living indoors. 

Tigger is a very loving dog and would make a great pet, preferably somewhere where he is the only pet.

Please share this post far and wide, Tigger is such a loving creature, there is a home out there somewhere waiting for him.





Al ( reserved )


Meet Al., on a scale of 1 – 10 how handsome is this boy ? Its gotta be a 10 !!??
Al is currently in Ireland with Paws Animal Rescue. Al’s owner died very suddenly, and the family are unable to keep this big lad. A lurcher boy with some wolfhound in him we feel.  He is a very lovely boy, but quite scared of men at the moment. He loves the ladies !
A gentle boy, good with other dogs, love to play with his toys.
Al is approx 2 year old., and as such is still a puppy. He can sit and give paw. Al is not ready to travel to the UK just yet, he is very under weight and needs to be neutered.





Meet bobby…..He is three and a half years old and is looking for his forever home. Bobby will need a quiet home with another hound as he is quite nervous, but once in a home and settled he will blossom and become your best friend.
If you would like Bobby in your life please get in touch with the HUG team.






Meet Scout, a stunning brindle greyhound. He has just come into rescue in Ireland. We will have more information soon. And some much better photo’s. Keep watching this space !




NGR welcomes momma to the fold. This lovely girl. Born in August 2009 this lovely 8 year old is still full of life. Momma is about 26 inches to the shoulder and is full of fun. She is quite nosey and likes to see what you are up to. She loves her walks and is good on the lead….she is great in the car too.

Momma is in good condition and is almost ready to travel…so please don’t overlook this lovely girl…give us a call about her today if you would like her in your life!!

Home check and adoption fee apply




Elsa ( reserved )

Meet the very sweet and gentle girl Elsa. This poor girl has a tragic story and we are desperate to find her a forever home when she arrives in the UK. Elsa is approx 4 years old. She is a truly lovely girl. As you can see from the photo’s Elsa has been burned. We don’t know if it was an accident or done purposefully, the owner neglected to seek any veterinary help for Elsa. Her wounds are being treated and she is now doing fine.
Elsa owner died two years ago and the owners brother took Elsa on as his own. Where she spent the next two years tied up outside !!
Elsa has been in horrific pain with these untreated injuries, but is being cared for in a rescue in Ireland. Once she is healed, NGR will bring her to the UK. Elsa is great with other dogs, and may need some initial toilet training.


Jeff’s Sarah

This 3 year old SARAH she is an amazing, pretty, friendly black greyhound. Sarah has been in foster for 3months now. !!!??

She is adorable!
We don’t know why this little girl has been waiting for so long now……she would love another dog as a companion, she is clean in the house, she can be left, she goes off lead, and is the sweetest girl…….we really need to find Sarah her very own forever home.
Please don’t overlook this little lady…..she so wants to find her own home.


she is hanging up her running shoes and looking for her forever home. This is a small girlie looking for a retired couple or quiet home, with another dog !

Sarah is around 26 inches to the shoulder and is shy girl to start with. Sarah is quiet and calm. She is very friendly and sociable and would love a home with another hound so she can play.

Sarah has been off lead in a secure field and after a mad gallop around sticks by her foster Mum.

If you would like this little girl in your life then please get in touch with us here via our website.



Katie lurcher female 1+yrs 61cm approx
This petit little girl is still learning to trust people but she no longer hides in the back of the kennel. She has started to interact with people more. She happily goes walking with her kennel mates. She will need a home with other dogs to help her gain confidence.





Meet whippet X lad Mica., a great little lad, found alone in Ireland, the lady who rescued him kept him safe for a couple of weeks, and then surrendered him to a rescue. He is approx 4/5 months old., and such a handsome lad.
He is almost lead trained and house clean ( a little bit of work maybe required ) He is a very happy puppy.
This lad will need a home with someone at home most of the time, puppies are fab, but need educating and guidance.
Puppy training classes are also a good idea.
applications through our website please.



Showy Snowy (reserved )

Showy Snowy is a pretty 7 year old, white and fawn female looking for a home to relax in. She is a beautiful dog, both inside and out, and is very outgoing and playful. Snowy adores her teddy bear and her blankets, loves to be rubbed and enjoys snuggles. She is great with children and other breeds of dogs, and walks perfectly on the lead.
Snowy likes to run through the fields and garden, but also loves to take an afternoon nap. She has been in kennels for 6 years but would adapt very well to an indoor home. If you would like to adopt Snowy then please get in touch by either contacting us on the NGR face book Page or completing our adoption form ( won’t work on an iPhone or iPad )






Say Hi to Percy.

Percy is a male black greyhound with a huge personality. He loves his cuddles and he loves to go walking. He gets excited when he sees small dogs, but this will calm down as we will get him used to them.

He is straight out of a kennel environment so there are a lot of new things for Percy to get used to. He is around 26/7 inches to the shoulder. Percy has been well handled and is very sociable and is a lovely boy.

If you would like Percy in your life then please get in touch




New girl Lola has retired from the breeding paddocks and after a successful racing career and then being a good mum to her babies, it is now her chance for a bit of ‘me’ time. This beautiful dark brindle and white girl is six years old and is a small lady at 60lbs in weight.

Lola is not cat friendly so no small fluffy animals around this girl, however, she is very good around children as she has been used to her trainer’s children being around the kennels. She is a very sweet girl with a lovely temperament and when she recovers from her spay surgery she will be tested around other breeds of dog.





This stunning boy is 4 years old. Leo is a big black male greyhound looking for his forever home. He is about 28 inches to the shoulder and is a fine, solid lad.

Leo is gentle on the lead and loves his walks…he likes to have a gallop in an enclosed area and has a lovely big smile for you. He is a happy boy just waiting for his chance to love you. The most laid back boy, a gentle, quiet boy. A great 1st time owners dog.

If you would like this handsome soul in your life then please get in touch





Diego ( greyhound )

The stunning Diego is available for homing, at not even 20 months old Diego had broken his leg….he is now fixed and ready to find his retirement sofa with someone like you.

Now, because he is quite young, he still has some puppy antics in him, and he loves to play. He enjoys his walks and loves the company of people and other greyhounds.
He is coming out of a kennel environment so would not be used to small dogs and cats and would need sensible introductions.

If you would love Diego in your family then please get in touch.



Miss Ella CAT FRIENDLY ( reserved )

Meet pretty girl Miss Ella., as you can see this lovely girl is cat friendly. This is her story. Ella was rescued at the age of 9months old from the pound ( In Ireland ) this was a year ago. She moved in with her elderly owners, and their two other dogs. A small dog and another greyhound and Cecil the cat!.

Sadly the other GH has since passed away., and the elderly owners feel they cannot give Ella the exercise she needs.  Ella’s is a great dog., but one day the gate was left open, she escaped and was hit by a car. Ultimately, Ella lost her back leg. ( Ella still needs a good run every day ) if bored, she has a shoe fetish, so be warned !

This does not stop Ella being a normal, fun loving, playful dog.  Ella is a special girl, who needs a busy home with children, other dogs to play with, even a cat. Ella has good recall, walks well on the lead, fab with kids, a real loving family dog. 


Minnie ( reserved )

This little stunner is Minnie, a playful beautiful, small young lady. Currently in a foster home in Norwich, and loving every minute of home life. A beautiful lady coming up for 4yo.
Minnie is the prettiest little lurcher girl you ever did see. At only 25′ tts she is a petit girl. 
Minnie is friendly, and walks lovely on the lead. We can’t understand why such a gorgus little girl is still waiting.
Minnie is fine with other dogs, but is not cat friendly. A home with children over the age of 10 would suit best for this pretty girlie.
If you would like to meet Minnie, or you’re interested in this beautiful girl, please do contact us.





NGR welcomes Nathan to the family. Nathan is a lovely fawn boy looking for his forever home. He is about 26 inches to the shoulder and is currently still with his owner in racing kennels.

On meeting this fine fellow he was calm and affectionate. He is fine around other greyhounds both male and female but has not been around smaller breeds or cats, his profile will be updated when he comes into us.

If you would love this stunning boy in your home then please get in touch





Lola ( greyhound Puppy )

How STUNNING is our newest arrival. Her name is Lola. She’s a 9 mth old Greyhound pup. Surrendered as she has an injury to her wrist. We’ll know more later regarding her wrist injury. She’s an absolute sweetheart.

We will update with new information once it becomes available.






Meet little May: aged 4/5years old, she recently had six pups, but now they have been weaned and are living a life of their own, May is looking for a home to call her own.
Sadly, little May looks older than she really is., it’s been a long & hard life for this girl. Please consider giving May a chance at a happy ending for this pretty brindle girl:




 Say hello to this handsome fawn boy. Will was born in July 2015, but recently damaged his hock whilst racing. None of the bones are broken, but Will has torn two muscles in his calf. His leg is now in a temporary cast for a few weeks to allow the muscle time to repair.

In the meantime Will is enjoying his recuperation in a home with other greyhounds and a small terrier. Lovely natured dog who will make an affectionate pet. If you would like to adopt Will then please get in touch by either calling us on 07470 931 758 or email us on





Meet the amazing and exceedingly handsome blue lurcher lad. His D.O.B is 01.09.15
He is mega friendly, and loves human contact. He is fabulous with other dogs., Gus is a playful boy, so needs an outdoors type family. He is clean in the house. Currently in foster.
Gus had been in kennels for a while in Ireland, so leaving him would need to be built up over time. He does not like to be crated. So he needs someone at home most of the time., and give him the time he needs to adjust to living in a home and not a kennel environment.

enquiry/adoption form or call us on 07470 931 758




 Mrs (reserved )

 Say hello to one of our senior hounds, Mrs. Mrs has spent her life in a kennel environment and HUG brought her to safety to find this girl the sofa she so deserves.
( currently in a foster home in Ireland )
Mrs is 9 years old and recently had 26 teeth removed. She is doing well and is a gentle soul, who loves her walks and a leg stretch around the garden. Mrs doesn’t pay much attention to cats or other dogs and has been very sociable towards othe dogs, both big and small on her walk.




Meet the delightful Hawk. He was born in August 2013 and is looking for his forever home. He is a sweet natured boy and is used to small dogs. He lives with a terrier and is used to young children also.

Hawk is about 26 inches to the shoulder and is about 60lbs in weight. He has a lovely pointy nose and likes to cuddle in to you with it.

If you can offer Hawk a loving home then please get in touch……..07470 931 758



Molly (brindle)

Molly is a beautiful 2 and a half year old greyhound looking for her loving forever home. She is a small stunning brindle girl with lovely bright eyes. She is a gentle loving greyhound who loves lots of attention and loves to play she will make a fantastic little pet.

Molly is currently with her owner but if you would like to adopt Molly please get in touch with us:




Meet Jimmy is a small lurcher boy looking for his forever home. He is new to HUG and was kindly nursed back to health by a kind family who found him in a bad way on the street. Jimmy had sustained a head injury and a broken jaw.

We think Jimmy is about 5-6 years old. He loves a belly rub and loves to let out a little squeal of enjoyment when you play ball with him . SO far he has been good with other greyhounds and terriers he has met and has been around cats also…..he will be tested with the cats soon and we will update his progress.
He is the sweetest little lad so if you would like to adopt Jimmy then please get in touch with us. 




Lucas is a medium-sized 4 year-old lurcher who is experienced in living in a family home with children, small dogs and cats. He likes to go for a morning sprint in a safe field and then nap and eat throughout the day. He is toilet trained and can sit, stay, lie and shake a paw. He can be nervous with strangers and loud noises, so a quiet, calm home would suit him best.
Lucas is a fantastic family companion and he is quiet most of the time. He can make an excellent guard dog as he barks at the door when strangers approach and really, for some reason, dislikes the postman! His favorite spot in the house is the top of the stairs were he will keep watch on the house: that is, unless you have an open fire – then he will sleep there and become a rug.
Although he has lived with cats and small dogs in the past, he would need to be sensibly and carefully introduced to new animals in any future household. He also prefers slightly older and quiet children.

Loves his head & belly rubbed.
Enjoys cooked lambs heart and liver mixed in his food.
Enjoys pig ears as treats.
Staring out the window and barking at the postman
Enjoys chasing a ball


Sudden loud noises (or simply loud noises).

If you are interested in adopting Lucas, please complete our online adoption application:



Nick was born 03/09/2014. He is an ex racing Greyhound who was surrendered as he wasn’t fast enough. Nick is a super friendly guy!! Great with ALL dogs, big, small, male, female. He is a confident boy. Not shy or nervous. He makes you smile when you meet him as he’s always in good form.

Nick would suit a home by himself or as company to another dog. He weighs about 32/35 kgs and stands at 70cms. He is very well behaved on the lead. I think Nick would be OK with children over the age of 8 years. If you’re looking for a happy dog to join your family, Nick is your man





Daisy ( reserved )

There are no images in this gallery.

Meet the dinky whippet X girlie Daisy. She is only 21″ tts and weighs only 12.5kg.
Daisy was rescued in Ireland, where she was being treated for her poor condition, she has gained some weight, and is looking and feeling much better.
This beautiful girl has arrived in the UK and gone into a foster home in Norwich. A delicate, gentle girl……a little shy to start, but a really affectionate playful girl waiting to come out. Given time and some TLC Daisy will shine bright !






Everybody meet the absolutely stunning Mafi. Mafi was a coursing boy. He was born 28/03/2015. He stands at 75cms tall and weighs approx 30/32kgs. Mafi is a very affectionate loving boy. He adores cuddles. He has the most mesmerizing eyes!! Mafi is great on the lead. As Mafi was a coursing boy he wouldn’t suit a home with cats. I think he could learn to live with a small dog.
We think Mafi would best suit a home with another female dog for company, And someone who is experienced with greyhounds:



Crystal ( reserved )

This beautiful black girl with the most amazing snow spelled coat is called Crystal.Her birth date is 04.05.15  Crystal is very blank, she has had a very insular life. She doesn’t know what people expect from her. She is clean in the house, very quiet, and is just looking for someone to give her the time to adjust to life outside kennels.

At this point, she doesn’t need walking, a nice garden to relax and chill would suit her. Crystal will be an amazing girl., given time. She needs TLC and no pressure to be something she is not.  Crystal is a very gentle soul, with little knowledge of love, cuddles and of any affection. In six months time this stunning girl, will be a different girl, enjoying life and wagging her tail.  For more information please contact us. Crystal is currently in a foster home in Norfolk with several other dogs.






 New girl Hope is looking for her forever home at 8 years old she has had a traumatic month but is now on the mend.
Sadly Hope lost her whole litter, while still pregnant, and would really love some full on TLC in a new forever home.
Hope is not cat friendly but she is very affectionate and fine with other large breeds….. If you would like to adopt hope then please get in touch.

Call us on 07470 931 758




Handsome, isn’t he ?

This stunning dark brindle boy was born in 2015. Alonso is 28 inches to the shoulder and his fine lean figure leans into you when he gets a fuss. He is a relaxed boy wanting to find his forever home. Alonso is coming straight out of racing kennels so will need some time to adjust into a home life.

He is a loveable lazy lad looking for his sofa….could your home be the one??
If you would like to give Alonso a loving home than please get in touch



Angel ( reserved )

Angel, another stunning black greyhound.  Her date of birth is 07.08.13., currently relaxing in a foster home in Norwich, Norfolk…..and loving the sofa!  she is a very calm, laid back girl. She is house clean, but not being used to open spaces, she is a little tricky to persuade to go for a walk. Once out she loves it !  

Angel is good with other dogs, and is in foster with two other greyhounds.  She is great on the lead, fine in the car, and would be fine as an only dog, or with others.   A fab companion, a great all rounder, she can do the stairs and can be left for 3-4 hours . A perfect first dog maybe ??





Meet the delightful girlie Lady… she is coming up to three years old and is a petite girl looking for her forever home. She loves to travel and will rest her head on your shoulder, she loves her walks and time away from her kennel.

She is good with other large dogs but has not been tested around smaller dogs as yet.

If you would like to adopt Lady then please get in touch



Hunter ( reserved )

I know what you’re thinking . . . .  stunning !!?  yes, meet two year old Hunter, with the most beautiful brindle coat.  He sustained a broken hock, which is now healed, and doesn’t hinder Hunter in any way.

He is a gentle boy, friendly ad currently in Ireland. He did have a home in Ireland, and was there for about a month, when the resident canine, attacked Hunter, and he had to be moved. Its very sad, to have had a brief taste of live in a warm home, and then back to kennels.  

Hunter is a lovely three year old boy who is looking for his forever home. Hunter had broken his hock and it has been cast for 6 weeks or so. Hunter walks with a bit of a limp, but this does not stop him from enjoying his walks and play time in the garden.

Hunter is living with various breeds of dogs but is not cat friendly. He is a happy go lucky boy looking to give someone companionship and love.

If you feel you can give this loving boy a home then please get in touch





Mr Darcy is a 3 year old, friendly boy who is waiting to be introduced to you. Tall, dark and handsome – just like his namesake .

 He gets on great with other dogs, loves to travel, and is well behaved around children. Charming boy with plenty of love to give. If you would like to adopt Mr Darcy then please get in touch by either contacting us on the HUG Page or completing our adoption form at the top of this page.





Dillon (lurcher)

Dillon is approx. 3 years old. Dillon has also been with PAWS rescue in Ireland for almost a year now. Dillon was so very skinny and timid when he arrived he has now turned into the most beautiful brindle lurcher He is very gentle with people and excellent on the lead. He is quite small at only 25″ to the shoulder.
Dillon gets on great with female dogs, if they like to play so does he but he’s also just happy to chill out with them too. We are not quite sure why Dillon is still with us as he is such a handsome boy.  To adopt Dillon please fill in the form below, home check and adoption fees apply:



Chloe ( reserved )

Meet the lovely Chloe, she will be 4 in May and is looking for her forever home.

We will update her profile when we get to know her better. She is currently in a foster home adjusting to home life!!




Trixie, another long-term dog here in PAWS. ( In Ireland )

Often over looked because she’s a bull whippet. No one ever askes about her 😓💔. She is such a fab girly. So loving and affectionate 💖. Maybe one day someone will give her the home she deserves. For now we’ll give her as much love as we can. For more information please do contact us about Trixie. 



Max ( reserved )

This is Max a White and Fawn Male born 7th September 2012 weighing 71lb (32kgs)  His brother Oscar and sister Maddie are already in the UK homed by the NGR.  This boy is at present with his owner in Ireland and should be ready to come to the UK the beginning of December.
If you want the perfect boy, Max is the one for you, he does everything right a nice clean and well mannered and extremely obedient  boy, if he was in a class room he would be teachers pet. A pure gentleman will fit in perfectly with a family and another male or female. He should be no trouble getting used  to cats. He loves to travel in a van or car. He loves his food and loves his treats – pig ears, pedigree dental sticks. This boy is perfection itself, if you are the one to give him his forever home, you will be wondering how you ever managed without him.




Binx saluki male 5+ yrs, a total stunner of a lad.

He is not a huge boy, and as a saluki will love his runs and zombie’s in the garden.

Binx will need an out going family, who love forrest and beach walks.
Binx is a lovely gentleman, he’s very friendly and affectionate. he gets along well with males and females. He’s gentle on the lead.



Echo lurcher female 3+yrs
Little Echo is a shy girl, she really needs other dogs around her so she has a bit more confidence.

When she’s alone she is very shy and scared, So she will require a home with someone around and at home most of the time. Echo is starting to settle into paws  in Ireland, but still needs her dig friends with her to help her feel safe. She is starting to join in with the other dogs when they play with staff which is always great to see. Echo is good on the lead. Echo will travel to the UK when we have a home offer.



At only 20 months old Snoopy is looking for his forever home. This fabulous boy is currently living with other greyhounds, so would need introducing to other breeds of dog. Snoopy is full of lovely little speckles and freckles, and has a tail that never stops wagging.

He is so excited to see what the world has to offer, and would love a nice comfy sofa to relax on. We hope to take more photos at the weekend. If you would like to foster or adopt Snoopy then please get in touch by either contacting us on the NGR Page or completing our adoption form.





Archer is a big but beautiful boy 30″ tts. Approximately 5 years old., and what a stunner.
Very gentle giant, with a wonderful character. Loves a sofa, a walk and a short run round the garden.
(Archer doesn’t do it for long, due to his arthritis, which he is on medication for and needs a good bed to lie on but other than that he is perfectly mobile) Archer is currently on Metacam. A years supply online is approx £ 40

Archer will make a great companion for an adult family with teenagers. He is worried by small children and would better with out any in his world. He is lazy but loves a squeaky ball, bones and lots of cuddles. Archer is very well behaved, walks well on the lead.
A perfect lad, currently in a foster home in Dereham, Norfolk.
He is not cat friendly. He is house clean and can be left. Archer is very good with other dogs.




NGR welcomes this stunning girl Misty. Misty was 3 years old in June and is a friendly little soul looking for her forever home. Misty stands to 26 inches to the shoulder and is very playful around other greyhounds.
Misty hasn’t socialised around other breeds of dogs as yet so we will update her profile soon once she meets more breeds this week.
If you would like to adopt this beautiful girl then please get in touch with us 07470 931 758





meet the delightful mouse. Mouse is about 18 months old and is very timid. Mouse has been kenneled with a male greyhound and she is like a different dog with a doggy companion by her side. She will follow you everywhere but will always stay 5 paces behind.

She loves her food and will take food from you, especially bread. Mouse will blossom into a fantastic girl with time and patience, but we just have to show her that the world outside racing kennels is not so bad,

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It’s nearly hard to believe that this is even the same dog. Possum is doing soooo well. Her rough coat is starting to grow after she was taken from travellers in a terrible state. As you can see from the photo this poor girl at the tender age of only one year old, has already had a awful life. Flea and mange riddled, this poor girl was nothing more than garbage, to be thrown away. But., PAWS in Ireland came to the rescue and saved this girl. 

Such a stunning little girl, the before and after  pictures say everything.😍😍.

Great with other dogs, typical playful, happy lurcher girl, looking for her forever home !




Colour: Fawn
Date of Birth: 03/04/2012
Sex: Male
General Temperament: A mild mannered, gentle greyhound
Temperament around children: Very mild mannered around children of all ages
Temperament around other breeds: Has been socialised with a 12 year old greyhound and a 1 year old greyhound over the past 3 months and is very calm in their company,
Temperament around cats: Not cat friendly
Other information: A greyhound who loves nothing more than laying about relaxing, Adores human interaction especially belly and head rubs, A right attention seeker, A big strong but extremely loving greyhound, A beautiful greyhound in looks, charm and personality, Should make a wonderful pet and he has some experience of living in a home environment since retirement, Adores sleeping on a couch when allowed, Height: 70cms
Weight: Approx. 84lbs


Bluey ( reserved )



Say Hi to Bluey.

This fabulous girl celebrates her 10th Birthday in December, and she would love to have a sofa to snuggle up on. Bluey is a very gentle greyhound, she is great with children, other dogs, and is currently kennelled with a female whippet. She is looking pretty good for her age, and still enjoys her daily walks and morning zoomies out in the paddocks.
Don’t forget those all important ear rubs and kisses.
If you would like to adopt Bluey then please get in touch by either contacting us on the NGR Page or completing our adoption form online.