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    Norfolk Greyhound Rescue

    Greyhounds from Ireland – we prioritise Irish dogs. This is because we like to speak for those who have no voice. Thousands of dogs are bred for the track in Ireland every year, and a staggering number don’t make it. Some are just “not good enough” to race. Some do race but once they stop winning they have outgrown their use. Sadly very few of these hounds end up in pet homes in Ireland.

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    Help or Foster a Hound

    You can help by: Adopting a hound, fostering a hound, donating (using the donate button on the site), either as a one-off or a monthly payment. You might contribute quality unwanted items for raffles, tombolas, car boots etc, or support our events such as Walks, Quiz Nights, Craft Fayres, Car Boots and more. You can also bid on beautiful quality items on Hayley’s Online Auctions.

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    Great Pets

    We are happy to say that the secret is now out that Greyhounds Make Great Pets! This is thanks to some high-profile famous people who have spread the word. In addition, all our hound ambassadors throughout the world win people’s hearts when they meet and greet them. Consequently more and more humans are realising that these dogs are not racing machines to be exploited but are loving, gentle and rewarding companion animals.

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    Greyhounds & Exercise

    The commonest misconception about Greyhounds is that they need lots of exercise. This is generally not so at all. Approx. two 20-minute walks a day is all they need and probably the chance to run offlead (preferably somewhere enclosed or safe) three times a week or so. Running (zoomies) sessions frequently take just 2 to 5 minutes, then the Greyhound is all ready to go and do what they do best – snoozing!

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    It’s All for the Hounds

    We at Norfolk Greyhound Rescue pride ourselves on the fact that we are all volunteers – literally every penny goes to the benefit of the hounds. People have become jaded by giving to charities where much of the money is going on administration costs and salaries. This isn’t the case here – we love the dogs too much for any of that!

Greyhounds make wonderful pets and it’s a little known fact that they don’t need much exercise.      In return for rehoming one of these gentle and affectionate dogs, you will be rewarded tenfold by their calm and kind nature. They are great with children, many work as PAT (Pets as Therapy) dogs and some can live happily with cats. Norfolk Greyhound Rescue is a small local non-profit organisation whose main aim is finding caring people to rehome Irish greyhounds Read More

I Need a Home!

Greyhound awaiting rescue

Here you will find details of dogs who are in our care and needing homes.

We aim to give as much information about each individual hound that we can, in order to match the right dog to the right forever home.

If you wish to know more about adopting a greyhound why not read our article "Why Adopt a Greyhound"

If you are interested in offering a home to any of these hounds, you can fill in our rehoming questionnaire and you will be subject to a home check, which is a normal procedure for all decent rescue charities.

You can contact Hayley or Sue

How You Can Help

Every bit of money we collect goes towards greyhound rescue. We do not use kennels and have no paid staff. It is all entirely voluntary. Help us to rehome more greyhounds by making a donation:

You can also help by making your Amazon purchases through this link: Smile.Amazon

Our team of volunteers have just one thought in mind "save the Hounds". All the while greyhound racing exists there will be thousands of dogs killed every year if they no longer, make money for their owners. A huge number fail to make the grade in the first place, they also are killed. This is why we are in desperate need of funds - the more money that we raise means more dogs saved.

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Our Shop

Shop for greyhound goodsTake a look at our NGR Shop to buy high-quality NGR merchandise for humans and canines!

Tee shirts, zipped hoodies, bags, mugs, sweatshirts, warm winter hound coats and much more to come.

You could also take a look at our Facebook Auction here

All profits from the sale of these items go to NGR. More…


Fundraiser for NGR Greyhound Rescue

Christmas Fayre in Norwich 2015

We hold regular events and social gatherings throughout the year. These vary from Quiz Nights to Craft Fairs, Organised Fun Dog Walks to Car Boots.

We also aim to have a presence at Norfolk events, especially those with a doggy or animal theme. Our events are generally in the Norwich or North Norfolk Coastal areas.

We are arranging lots of doggy events in 2016 and hope to see you there. More…


Rehomed Greyhound Click here to see our hounds happy in their forever homes, attending events and generally enjoying life as treasured pets.

If you have a nice photo of your hound and would like to see it on our gallery page, contact: webmaster@norfolkgreyhoundrescue.co.uk

Greyhound Articles

We are putting together a selection of articles dedicated to greyhounds.

We are now publishing more articles about health, training, and other interesting aspects of greyhound ownership.

Our first articles are Here. and we hope you find them interesting.

A lot of people have yet to discover the joys of greyhound rescue and ownership. It is to be hoped that all greyhound owners can help to do something to remedy that.

Learning as much as possible about canine care is an important aspect of dog ownership and greyhounds are no exception.

Canine Myotherapy

Canine Myotherapy – massage and muscular therapy for dogs.

Canine Myotherapy – massage and muscular therapy for dogs.

Our dogs Pingu and Pixie received treatment from Vickie China, a Canine Myotherapist. It sounds a bit “New Age-y” but definitely is not, being based on sound anatomical science. Sadly, Pingu is no longer with us but there are no doubts his last years were made much more comfortable by Vickie, whom he adored.

In short, the results were spectacular! Both of them were suffering from “rear-end wonkiness” with Pixie having already being diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. They are both were so much better after Vickie treated them, it’s amazing. Pingu was so enamoured of the idea that he used to volunteer his rear to Vickie when she came!

Pixie is still doing well with Vickie’s regular visits.

If your hounds are at all arthritic do contact Vickie, you won’t regret it.

Ray Davies

Vickie China
Contact: 07786 657706

Vickie Can offer Massage Therapy and 3B Laser Therapy to our Greyhounds.

Laser is fantastic for Healing, reducing pain and inflammation. Massage deals with soft tissue issues and compensatory issues which occur when the body is not moving in a balanced way.

Appointments are now only £30 plus £5 for Laser treatment which includes all correspondence with your vet and a written report.

Facebook Page

What is Canine Myotherapy? Read about it Here.

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