Greyhounds Needing a Home

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Here is our current list of greyhounds needing a home. Choosing the right dog for you is important and we will do our utmost to ensure you are both suited.

Our adoption fee is a minimum of £150.00 – each home is checked – all dogs are neutered unless they are too young.

Note: NGR is generally against rehoming a greyhound in a home with children under the age of 5years old. 

This is because there is a re-adjustment process for any rescue dog as he/she gets used to home life; small children will not understand this.  For the safety of the child and the hound, it may be better to wait until children have enough maturity to comprehend a hound’s need for a gentle introduction to a home.


A beautiful Rocky, a stunning brindle boy. Looking for a new home in the UK…… he is currently with HUG rescue in Ireland.  But, will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and ready to travel once a home offer comes in for him.

Born in March 2016, he isn’t the smallest of greyhounds at 44kg. But, don’t let that put you off. The big ones are the most softest & gentle !  Rocky has been around children. He has only ever met greyhounds, so introductions to other breeds must be done carefully.

contacting us on the NGR Page or completing our adoption form on a computer not iPad or iPhone.

Charlie – none racing lad

Just look at this handsome little black boy Charlie. A small lad, and will be 3 in march.  A gentle boy, who really hasn’t seen much of the real world.  He has had quite a secluded life, and maybe a little shy to start with.   Charlie loves his food, and he loves the girls.   He is a real flirt given half a chance.        Charlie would like a quieter home with no small children. Another dog would be a bonus, a female one would be fab for him !   

A small boy at only 26″ tts & weighing only 26kg, friendly and hoping that someone will fall in love with her and offer a forever home.

Con ( reserved )

This very pretty boy as you can see from the photo’s is a little stunner !   a fabulous blue brindle ( brother to blue brindle girl Gracie )  He is a big lad, at 30″tts, but don’t let that put you off.

The biggest boys are softest and so easy and gentle.  His birthday is 01.01.17    Currently in a foster home in Woodbridge. He is a fab boy, who will definitely need a smaller sighthound to be his companion.  He really wants to cuddle up to Nesta the resident greyhound, but she is having none of it !     he is a beautiful boy, with stunning eye’s.  He is not cat friendly.


Meet the beautiful blue lady named Violet.  She is a 7 year old greyhound, who is looking for a forever home in the UK. Currently she is in a foster home ( and loving it ) in Ireland.  Violet will arrive on 26th March and into a foster home in Norwich.

Violet is used to children and is fine with small dogs.  She is a mellow lady, who likes her short walks and just loves her food.  Violet was a top racer, and so after her time on the track she was used for breeding.   Now is the time for Violets real comfy life to start.  Would you like this beautiful girl in your world ?

Help us find Violet her forever home. She deserves all the happiness 💖💖


This pretty black girl is Willow, currently in Ireland with HUG…… A friendly girl. Willow has been good with the small dogs that she has met., but does get excited when they are running around.   ( not cat friendly ).
Willow is vaccinated, and spayed.  ( only 20 months old )


Meet pretty girl Meg., she was homed in 2017 by NGR, but due to a change in circumstances, the lady who adopted her cannot keep her.  So Meg is looking for a new home. She will be 5yo in March.  Meg is still with her current owner near Kings Lynn.     Meg is a good girl, fine with other dogs, she can be left for unto 3 hours.

Good on the lead, and a great character., looking for a new home. 



Brian ( reserved )

Meet the adorable wee whippet boy Brian. He is a dinky lad with a sad story to tell. He is currently in Ireland in a foster home.  Prior to this he was on a traveller site, where he was savaged by another dog.  He was denied any veterinary treatment by his then ‘owner’ this went on for weeks, poor Brian must have been in considerable pain.   Eventually, after many weeks, his owner surrendered him to a rescue.  By which time, Brian’s leg was in a very bad way and unfortunately could not be saved.  

So, Brian is a tri-paw.  He is doing really well and loving life in the warmth, and a lap to curl up on each night.  A great boy, good with other dogs.  We can put you in touch with his foster mammy in Ireland for more information on Brian,

Alfred ( reserved )

Meet Alfred, this very happy, friendly boy was adopted 18months ago by an older couple.  He is a young boy, his birthday is 17th May 2016. He is a very handsome chap.   His current owners ca’t look after him any longer, so he is looking for another forever home.  Alfred is still with his mum & dad in Copthorne, West Sussex.

Alfred is looking for a special home with no small dogs.  He goes off lead, and his recall isn’t too bad. He can be left, and is a friendly boy.  He can be a little reactive with some dogs,  but enjoys playing and having a good ole run about.  Alfred is clean in the house, he is currently left for up to 3/4hours.   He would be better in home with a female dog or okay as an only dog.


This stunning black greyhound, he is not a huge boy at 28″ tts.  He weighs 70lb and was born 05.01.15.  Wizzie is a very happy outgoing boy, who is clean in his kennel and loves time outside.  

He has met children and is fine with them. ( we do not home to families with children under the age of 5yo )  Wizzie is a lively boy, doesn’t mind the odd ear rub and some attention.  He is quite strong on the lead, but a harness will help.  He is not cat friendly., but fine with other dogs.


Meet delicious girl Bridie, just loving those Anubis ears ! she is a playful girl, who is very affectionate and in a foster home in Ireland with the very laid back greyhound Bruce.  Bridie is clean indoors, loves her toys and walks.  Best suited to a home with older kids, as she does love to play with her toys.  A home with another dog would be best for Bridie. 

This black girl would make a fabulous companion.   ( not cat friendly ) 


Meet the very pretty white & blue boy Connor.  He around the 2 year old mark.  He was previously a travellers dog.  He is a gentle, quiet boy.  He is quite submissive to be honest.  He is currently in Ireland with Wicklow Rescue.  

Connor is not a big lurcher at only 24″tts. He is great with all dogs, big and small.    

Home checks and adoption fees apply.  



I know some people love white dogs and some the brindle greyhounds, well best of both worlds here, white and blue brindle girl. So pretty !  Misty was born in 2011, and is a small one at only 25″ tts.  Good on the lead, and loves her walks.

 Currently in Ireland with a rescue named Paws animal rescue, Fine with bigger dogs, not good with small dogs and not cat friendly.


Meet the very sweet Alice ( Ali ) currently in a foster home in Ireland., and as you can see, she soon found the sofa!  and loving every moment of it too !  

Ali will be 2 years old in April.  In the foster home there are 3 other dogs, one being a King Charles Cavalier, and Ali is doing fine with them all.  A gentle girl, with a great personality, and full of affection.  For more information please do contact us us. Ali is with HUG in Ireland at this present time.


NGR are pleased to introduce another fine lurcher boy.  He has had a hard life and is full of scars and nicks to his body.  He only has 1/2 an ear on one side.  But, Toby is a great boy. Happy and friendly. He is between 2 & 4 years old.    

Currently with Paws Animal Rescue in Ireland. He has shared his kennel with both male and female dogs.  Toby loves everyone he meets.  

Home check and adoption fee apply


Meet Bailey. Bailey is our special lad who has been looking for a home for over a year , he needs calm and understanding humans and no children. He is about 4 years old and was very scared. He has not had the best start in life and needs gentle encouragement at all times. There are certain breeds of dogs that Bailey is scared of and he will react by barking at them. Bailey will also chase cats.

Bailey reacts well to positive dog training and has changed so much over the last year whilst in our care. Bailey needs time to trust and love and he is now used to the kennel staff where he is staying but we would love to move him into a foster/adopted home where he can get used to the good life and blossom. When he trusts you he is such an affectionate boy who loves his cuddles and his ear rubs. He walks like a dream on his lead and loves being out and about with you.

Bailey is out with us every day and loves to run with the pups, he finds other males quite dominant, so he may be suited to a home as an only dog or with a female. We would love to see this boy in a loving home <3 So if you think you would like this beautiful boy in your life to give him a chance then please spread his story far and wide and get in contact with us

Willow ( reserved )

Have you ever seen such a sweet face ?  Meet Willow, a pretty brindle lurcher pup. ( approx 10months old ) she is a playful baby girl, who recently lost her front leg a traffic accident.  
However, don’t let that put you off, she can do zoomies in the garden as good as any 4 leg dog.  Willow loves other dogs, and a new home with a canine companion would be great.   She hates the rain, and is a real cuddle monster. 
She is a dinky girl only 19tts  and weighing in at only 13kg.    She is a typical playful puppy, and NGR will not home her to a a family that works full time.   Lead walking is a new concept to Willow, so this will be a toking progress.  She is spayed, microchipped and fully vaccinated.

If you would like this girl in your life then please get in touch with us here. Or call 07470 931 758

Benny – ( reserved )

Update 24.01.19 – Benny has arrived in the UK, he is a very sweet boy, who was a little traumatised by his long journey to the UK. He is a smashing lad. Happy to investigate his new surrounding’s, and has buddied up with one of the resident male greyhounds.  Benny would need a quiet home with another dog to measure him we think.

How could you not love this dinky little face ?  look no further, Benny is the one for you !  he is 3 this coming March, and is a very small boy. he is only 25″tts and weight is only 25kg.   He is looking for a home with another dog, as he will be a shy boy to start with.  Benny has never raced, which may help him find his forever home a little quicker!?

Having lived his whole life in kennels, he has seen nothing of the big wide world.  Benny is a happy, playful boy, looking for his forever home.   Not cat friendly.  Benny would love a home with another dog for company. 

Costa – really needs a foster in the UK !

Costa is a lovely lad.  If your looking for a mature lad, then look no further.  He loves his naps & cuddles.  Costa recently visited a school, and met the children, he also discovered that small dogs are okay.

He is in a foster place in Ireland.  He lives indoors during the day and is kennelled in the evening.

Currently with HUG Rescue in Ireland.  Waiting for a home offer in the UK.

A wagging tail and a very pleased to see you kinda boy !  ….so don’t wait, call us today 07470 931 758 

Vaccinated and ready to go. Home checks, & adoption fee’s apply.

Gracie ( reserved )

Stand by your beds, and don’t hesitate to get in touch. This beauty will not hang about. This blue brindle girl is Gracie.  She is sister to Con, also on our website.  Her d.o.b is 01.01.17

A friendly girl, who is fine with other dogs, clean indoors and a delightful, loving character. Currently in foster in Bury St Edmunds.

 If you would like more information. Please do contact us 07470 931 758


Meet Flash, is a pretty fawn colour lad, who is just 2 years old. He was born for coursing, but wasn’t interested in chasing………so, he is looking for his very own family and sofa.  

Currently in a foster home in Ireland in the care of a rescue named Haven.   He is living with two children & 2 dogs, so far he is doing great.  Flash is 29″tts.

House training is coming along well, but is a working progress.  Flash is good n the lead, and just loves his food.  A social boy, hoping for his chance at a forever home in the UK !

Great on the lead, and a very lovable  lad. He is not cat friendly, and all small dog introductions should be done carefully.

Solera ( reserved )

This stunning fawn girl is Solera. Isn’t she just beautiful?  Aged 6 years old, this lady has retired from coursing.   And having pups. She is a delightful girl. Who is currently in foster in Ireland, but due to arrive in the UK and into a foster home in Norwich on 21st March.     Good with kids, and other dogs. House trained and crate trained too.  
Solera is 27″tts, she can be left for short periods.   She is not cat friendly.


Meet the very pretty lady named Mildred.  She is only 3 year old.  Mildred is currently in Ireland with Wicklow Rescue.  She is only 25″tts.  She is fine with other dogs, and is a fun loving Saluki / lurcher we think. 

Please consider this lovely girl., she was probably a travellers dog., and really deserves a good forever home.


meet the handsome boy Bo., he is approx 5 years old. With  pretty brindle coat.  He was seized by the Gardai in Ireland, as he straying and running on the roads. Once caught he was handed to a local rescue ( Haven ).    He has had a very hard life, with scars and nicks.  He also had a 2lb   growth removed recently, and a dental. He is a great fun loving boy.    His best freind is Flicka a black greyhound also looking for a new home.  He really does deserve a new and forever home.

Bo is doing really well, he has gone into a foster home.   He is not cat friendly.    Bo is fine with male and female dogs. He has a large pressure sore removed, and being neutered before he comes to the UK.   A nice lad who will make a great, loving companion.


Born in 2015 this stunning black boy named Ned is looking for a new forever home. MGR have already secured a new home for Ned’s brother Mikie.  A loving boy with the traditional ‘roman nose’!    At approx 28″tts, he isn’t the biggest boy you ever met.  

Black greyhounds are stunning, one the sun hits their coats, they shine !    Ned is a shy lad, but is starting to come out of his shell. There is a whole new and big world that he has never come across before.  Life is so different for these dogs, outside kennels.   Ned, is a strong boy, he will be better on a harness, until he settles into life outside kennels. He is keen to explore his new world.  HUG dog in Ireland.


Stand by your beds, another beautiful lurcher girl. Meet Velda. Age approx 3years +  She would be better as an only dog, as she does prefer her own company.  

Loves belly rubs, and will nudge your hand for more tickles. Velda does have a high prey drive.

She is fine with bigger dogs, but, not so good with smaller ones.  She is not cat friendly.  Velda is a pretty, affectionate girl.  Clean in the house and can be left for a few hours.  Currently in a foster home in Ireland, looking to find her forever home in the UK.


This super boy is Dylan. His birthday is 15th May.  He is a striking boy, with a fabulous bridle coat.  He is a gentle boy, who has been good with children. Dylan is good on the lead.  He has not yet met small dogs. Introductions must be done carefully. We would advice a muzzle where small dogs are running lose, until you get to know Dylan better.

Dylan is currently in Ireland with a rescue called HUG, but will come to the UK once a home offer or foster place come along.


This is little Miss Kylie.  A fab white and brindle girl. She is a friendly girl, who was born May 2015.   Kylie has not been around small dogs, she has been introduced, and does get quite excited. So, caution and muzzle is advised when around small dogs off lead. 

Will Miss Kylie be ‘lucky, lucky, lucky’ this coming new year ?

Miss Kylie walks fine on the lead, she is not cat friendly.  She is currently in Ireland in a kennel facility. She loves a good tickle behind the ears !


Max is a handsome youngster. He was born 18th June 2017. A very pretty white & Blue lad.  A playful boy, who was a failed chaser, and as such his owner doesn’t want him.

 An affectionate boy, looking for his forever home in the UK.  He is not cat friendly.  Would need a little bit of time to get used to not living in a kennel environment.  

Neutered, microchipped & ready to travel to the UK, when a home offer comes along.  Max would love a home with a garden, and a family who love long walks and children to play with.

PEGGY – pure greyhound puppy ( reserved )

Its not very often you see a pure puppy greyhound, well meet 10 week old puppy Peggy.  An adorable baby girl, with a black and snowflaked specked coat.  She was born with a deformed foot, it only has 3 toes.  So, little Peggy is never going to race.

Currently in Ireland in a foster home with other dogs.  We do not home any pups to families that work full time.

 Peggy will need to be spayed when she is old enough, so please factor that into your future finances.  He foot does not hinder her in any way.

Home checks and adoption fees apply ( neutering will be part of the adoption process )



This young lady is a stunner. Meet Noelle,  a brindle/merle/white girl ( probably merle collie in the mix )  1 year old, great dog, quite small.   Good with other dogs. Currently in Ireland with Wicklow Traveller & Animal Welfare Rescue. 

Noelle will be spayed, vaccinated & wormed & flea treated on arrival.  Home checks and adoption fee’s apply.  We do not home to families with children under the age of 5 years old.

enquiry/adoption form or call us on 07470 931 758


Just look at Fergus, he stands 28″tts and weighs 85LB.   Fergus has not been around smaller dogs as yet. He has lived his whole life in kennels. Caution is always advised with introductions and the wearing of a muzzle until you know your dog better is a must.

When we know more about Fergus we will update his profile.


Sunny by name and certainly Sunny by nature.   This pretty fawn girl is your typical lurcher lady……. loves playing ball and running about in the garden.  Sunny loves to play with other dogs. She is not cat friendly, but is fine with other dogs.  She is apron 3/4 years old. She stands 60cm ( 23/24″ tts ).

Currently in Ireland, waiting to find her forever home.

If you can offer Freddie a loving home then please get in touch……..07470 931 758

Sparrow ( reserved )

Meet  Sparrow, she is a small white and black lurcher girl aged approx 3yo. She is living in a foster home in Ireland with other dogs. She is crate trained, and can be left of up to 2/3 hours. Sparrow is house clean.  

She is amazing with children, and is living with a child with special needs. Fab with other dogs.  

Approx 24tts, she is not a big dog.  Fine on the lead. Affectionate and friendly. A true lady, who loves ear and belly rubs.   He new home would definitely need another canine. She is not cat friendly.

if you can offer aforever home, please do contact us Norfolk Greyhound Rescue:

Piggy –  ( reserved )

Meet Piggy, and adorable little staffy girl, picked up as a stray, she went to the Limerick Dog Shelter in Ireland.  She has been rescued by Haven Animal Rescue and gone into a foster home to be assessed.  

As you can see she is a cat friendly lady, good with dogs and get with kids.  She can be a little bit busy, and loves to play, so maybe older kids would be better.     She is spayed, microchip and fully vaccinated.  She is ready to come to the UK when we have a home offer for her.


Merlin – Jimmy – Gracie & Lola

Could you donated £2.00 each month to help care for Merlin ?  do let us know and we can give you our bank details or please donate on our website donate button !

Merlin  – if you would like to make a monthly donation to help with Merlins care, please visit our donate button on our website.

You will remember Merlin when he came to us a few months ago. He had serious damage from an road traffic accident.

He had a few underlying health issues which have now been sorted. Left at the side of the road after being hit by a car, Merlin sustained a broken pelvis and a horrific wound stretching across his side. Now, after almost three months he has been given a new lease of life.

At approximately ten years of age and a little deaf, he’s an easy going, cheerful chappie with very simple needs. He likes short walks, where he can follow his nose, or just mooch around the garden. His favourite pastimes are being stroked, sleeping next to you and treat time!



This super boy is named Alex…..yes another black greyhound !  but, you can just see the character ooze from this fella.  He is an easy gong boy, who just loves to lean into you and have his ear’s rubbed.  

Alex is two years old.    He is a young, but real gentleman.  More info on him when we have it folks.  He is currently in Ireland with HUG rescue. He is not cat friendly.


Everyone we would like to introduce this stunning lad Bingo.  He will be 2 in March. Bingo is currently with HUG greyhound Rescue in Ireland.  He is 44kg and stands 29″tts……..just look at his beautiful bridle coat.   Good with Kids & larger size dogs.   Any introductions to smaller dogs ( like all newly owned canines ) needs to carried out with care.



How could you resist this little saluki X boy ?   He is a stunner, a typical saluki, loves a good run, full of play and energy.  He was rescued from an ad on ‘Gumtree’ – free to anyone !  Lucky for him NGR stepped in and offered him a rescue place.  He is only 1yo and is still very much a puppy.  He is microchipped, and vaccinated. He will be neutered shortly.

He would suit a home with another dog, and an active family, as Jake will need a good run each day.  A family with older children 12+ would be a good fit, as Jake can be playful and may knock smaller children over.

As you can see from the pic’s he is loving life in a foster home, his foster mum tells us he is a cracking, lovable boy, with plenty of character !

He is not cat friendly. Currently in foster in the Cambridge area.


This pretty fawn girl is Laura. Isn’t she just stunning ? Laura is 2yo and her birthday was 14.01.17, she is good with other dogs., she has so far been good with small dogs too.  An affectionate girl, wholes people and having her ears rubbed.


This amazing black brindle girl is Winnie., she has a colouring that is very unusual, and you hardly ever see.  She is an affectionate lady.   Good with children she has met.  Winnie will be two this March.  

So far Winnie has only met greyhounds, so introductions to other breeds need to be undertaken carefully, using a muzzle.  She loves ear rubs, and is always pleased to see everyone !


This beautiful lady is Hannah, she is a 9 year old greyhound, with a lovely white and brindle coat. She like many others ran her heart out for money, and then had four litters, and now she is of no use to make money, she is unwanted by the racing industry.    

A stunner of a girl, who still loves a walk on the beach, tummy rubs and just being with you.   Currently in a foster home with several other dogs,  of all sizes, she is loving life outside kennels and thriving! A calm happy girl.  With a rescue called HUG in Ireland.  Booked to come NGR in the UK and into foster. 

Home checks, and adoption fee’s apply.



Meet Captain, he is a male black greyhound who injured his stifle joint, so he can no longer race.  He has been taken in by a very kind lady in Ireland, who is caring from him until we have a home offer in the UK.  He is fine with all types of dogs.  

Captain will be 2 in April.  He was very nervous when he arrived, but in the past few weeks, he has relaxed, and beginning to chill, and enjoy his new life outside kennels.  He is clean in the house, and great on the lead.  He is due to be neutered soon.  He is still in Ireland, but looking for that forever sofa………could Captain be the companion you’ve longed for ?      Home checks & adoption fee’s apply.


Another handsome and regal boy, named Master.  He is quite a stunning boy.  He is looking for his very own sofa to curl up on. Master had a long racing career.

Now he is too old, he is unwanted by his racing owners, and up for adoption, with HUG a greyhound rescue in Ireland.  He will be 9 years old in June.   Master is a very distinguished looking boy.  We will update his profile, when we know more.


Stunning !?  meet Joey, a sturdy, and handsome greyhound boy. Aged 2.5years old.  He is not cat friendly, but is fine with other greyhounds and medium sized dogs.  We would always advise, new canine introductions be done carefully using a muzzle. 

Joey, has an amazing playful character.  He loves ear rubs and any attention he can get., some would say he is a little bit of a flirt !  Joey is only 28″ tts but he is a well build lad.

Still in Ireland with his trainer/owner. Looking for a chance at a life in the really world folks.

If you feel you can give this loving boy a home then please get in touch:


Fern is a Small black female greyhound looking for her forever home. Fern was born in March 2016. Fern is sweet natured and very affectionate. She loves her walks and is used to traveling in vehicles. Fern has only been around greyhounds so far but will be tested with small breeds.



Oh wow, a beautiful cow dog.  White with black spots.  He is 3 years old. We don’t know much about Cliff yet. He walks well on the lead, and that he is a very happy friendly lad. More information when we have it.

Currently in Ireland with a rescue called HUG.

Apply below, home check and adoption fees apply:


Meet a very sweet girl named Fiona., she was lucky to be found, in a house all alone, with no food or water, by her owners, who moved and left her behind locked in the house.  She is now in private kennels and coming along nicely. She is approx 3 -4 years old.  

She is hand shy, and will take a little bit of time to know that you will be kind to her. She is a beautiful girl, who really deserves some love in her life and to know, that not all humans are cruel.   A nice quiet family with someone at home, to love her and give her the time she needs to feel loved and wanted.

She was so shut down when she arrived, but since being rescued, she has gained 8kg and is really starting to come into her own.  A quiet, affectionate lurcher girl.   A beautiful blue coat with tiny white splashes.   More information to follow when we have it. 


NGR are looking for a special little place for this little old gent. His name is Mick, and he was taken to the pound in Ireland summer time last year.  They left his there with a terrible case of bronchitis.  He was treated and made a full recovery.    He went to a lady on a permanent foster space in Ireland, unfortunately, she let him escape, and he was lost over night, in the pouring rain and cold.,   so once again, he was off to the vets to make sure his bad chest didn’t return.
He is now in another foster place in Ireland, but he has had no home offers or interest at all. 
So, it’s time to try to find him a new home in the UK.  He is a small terrier size. He is fine with other dogs, with careful/sensible introductions.   Mick is not cat friendly.    He is a fab little dog age 10/11years old.  He is clean in the house, very affectionate.  We have video’s of Mick upon request.   Due to his age, Mick is not neutered.


Minni is a small greyhound. She was born in July 2014, she is currently with her owner in Ireland.  Sadly, her owner who is elderly cannot care for her any longer, so NGR are looking to re home Minni in the UK.

Minni has been kept as a pet, so she is indoors ( and clean ) in the house all day along with 6 other greyhounds, but kennelled at night time. She walks fine on the lead, and is the sweetest girl. Minnie is very affectionate.    We are not sure if Minni has had any introductions to small dogs, but once we are in a position to find this out, we will update her profile.

Minni is fully vaccinated and neutered and is ready to travel so please get in touch if you can offer him a loving home:

William ( reserved )

Another unwanted ‘pet’ rescued from gum tree.  This beautiful boy is just stunning, in good condition with vaccinations up to date.  William has gone into an NGR foster home, and he is a great boy, calm, friendly very affectionate. Good with kids and with other dogs ( big & small ) he has so far been clean indoors. Travels fine. William only has 3 legs.

We were told he lost his from leg in a road accident.   It would seem that he has not been walked very much. He is a bit pully on the lead, and we think he may slightly over weight to cope with this tri paws.   He is booked in to be neutered ready to go to his new home.   William looks like he is a saluki X ( maybe retriever or Labrador ) he has the traditional golden lab/ret pink nose and mouth.  He is about 27/28″tts.  His birthday is Feb 2015 and will be four this year.


Poor Baby is a scruffy whippet X. ( she is not ready to home yet )  she is covered in Mange and full or worms and flea’s.  Age is apron 2 year old. Recently surrendered by travellers to Wicklow Traveller & Animal Welfare in Ireland.  A very sweet natured girl, enjoying a comfortable bed and some good food.  NGR will update the profile, when Bab’s is feeling better.

Full life and looking forward to a home of her own.  Reba has a stunning black and white coat, a waggy tail and aims to please. 

Harlowe ( reserved ) 

Meet pretty girl Harlowe, she is a clever saluki girl. A gentle, well mannered lady. She can be shy to start with, but will love you after a while.  She loves her walks, and certainly loves a good run around the garden.  Harlowe is a wee bit of an escape artist, so her new owners would need to make sure the garden was very secure.  She is clean indoors, and her recall is not too bad.  

Harlowe is in a foster home in Ireland, and really enjoying herself.   Is fine with other dogs, and would be better in a home with a canine companion.   She can be left for 1 – 2 hours with another dog.

contacting us on the NGR FB Page or completing our adoption form.

Black Jack

Seeing as it’s Black Friday week say hello to our very own black Jack. He is a friendly 4 year old boy who is now looking for his forever home.

Currently with his racing owner Jack also spends his time having fun with the resident Springer Spaniels, although he has yet to meet other breeds of dog. He hasn’t been around children, but is in good condition and has no previous injuries. We are hoping to get more photos soon. If you would like to adopt Jack then please get in touch by either contacting us on the website by completing our adoption / enquiry form :


This beautiful fawn boy is Robert. He will be 3 in February.  A big lad at 29″tts & a playful, energetic 38kg.  Lets hope we can find this boy his own sofa for his birthday.   He would love a home with a buddy to play with.


This beautiful girl is Betty, NRG homed her approx 20months ago, with a cat and a large family with children.  However, Betty for some unknown reason, has taken a new dislike to the cat, and sadly cannot stay in the home she has been in since she was 16 weeks old.      She is a 2 yo lurcher girl only 23″tts.  

She is great with other dogs, and is fine with the resident pug.    She is crate trained, clean as a whistle indoors. Her best and most wonderful thing to do is play with her fully filled kong !   She can be left for 3/4 hours at a time, and will greet you like a long lost buddy when you come home again !    A very easy going girl, who loves to sleep the day away.  A great family companion !


Henry is a handsome black boy, at only 4 years old, an unwanted product of the racing industry !  He is a lovely boy, and such a character.   Henry hasn’t raced since Sept 2016.  He travels  well., and did great at a recent health check at the local vets in Ireland.

He is a good sized boy at 28″ tts.  Henry would love tone given the chance to prove how loving, affectionate and gentle greyhounds are.  Could you offer Henry a new forever home ?    Currently in Ireland with his racing owner.


This cutie pie is Max, born 18th June 17.,   he is a lively and playful boy.  He showed no interest in chasing.  So, now he is just another unwanted Irish greyhound. 

He is currently with his racing owner in Ireland, but could travel once a home offer or foster space comes along. Not cat friendly.   ( HUG dog ) 


Meet puppy boy Nacho, he has been waiting for a new home for four long months now.  He is a happy, playful boy with lots of love to give.  He is currently with Paws Animal Rescue in Ireland.

Nacho shares his kennel with two other dogs.  He is fine with other dogs.  He is a puppy at only 6 months old, and acts like one, he can be bouncy on the lead., he will be playful and do all the thing a baby dog would do !   We would not home him to anyone who works full time.    He is a young lurcher boy looking for a forever home.

Minnie – cat friendly ( adopted )

Meet Minnie, she is a beautiful little girl and another unwanted bought and paid for pet. Minnie is approx 8/9 months old. She is living with kids, cats, and dogs.  She is tiny at only 7″ tall.   She is great with the cats, but will chase them to play with them. So, in charge, but friendly cats,  who are confident and can stand up for themselves only please.

Minnie is a little bit of an escape artist, if there is a gap in the garden fence, she will find it. So again, a 100% secure garden.  Minnie is crate trained, and her indoor toilet training is ongoing.  Minnie is in Ireland, but is vaccinated, and passport.  She is ready to travel once a home offer comes along in the UK.